Condensed milk is the favorite food of ants, if it is opened and left outside for a short time, the ants will immediately pull the swarm, but with just a few elastic fibers, the ants will not dare to come near.

Cans of condensed milk after opening and then not using it all, the most common way to preserve it is to put it in the refrigerator, but the next time you use it, the milk will freeze and it will be difficult to pour it out. And if you leave the can of milk outside, you will get ants. So how to prevent milk from freezing and still not get ants, that is to use elastic bands.

Elastic bands are made of rubber The smell of rubber is hated by antsthat’s why using an elastic band to wrap the milk can, the ants will not dare to come near.

How to use elastic bands to avoid ants getting into condensed milk cans

It’s very simple to do, you just need take some elastic and wrap it around the milk can. Wrap as much elastic as possible, ants will not dare to come close.

Not afraid of ants getting into the can of condensed milk with the use of a string

I tried it on my milk can, left it for 2 days and no ants dared to find it again.

It’s so simple, try this trick right away if your home often uses condensed milk, it’s very effective.