Glue stains on the glass make the glass look dirty, lose its aesthetic and inherent elegance. To clean it quickly, refer to a few simple tips below!

With very common and inexpensive “supporters”, you will easily clean the adhesive stains on the glass surface, returning the shine and cleanliness to your home glass. Cooking oil, gasoline, alcohol, dishwashing liquid, or even a hair dryer… refer to the methods below.

firstClean the glue on the glass with cooking oil

How to quickly clean glue on glass

Use a clean cotton swab or rag to Absorb cooking oil, apply to the glass where the glue is glued, keep about 5 minutes.

Cooking oil will lose the friction and adhesion properties of the glue, you It will be easy to use a rag to clean this glue. It can be done a few times to completely clean the stain.

2Clean the glue on the glass with gasoline or alcohol

How to quickly clean glue on glass

Also use cotton balls or clean rags to Soak the scented gasoline (or alcohol) and wipe over the adhesive stain. Fragrance (or alcohol) will lose the adhesiveness of the glue making them easy to wipe off. Wipe 2-3 times, the glue will peel off the glass.

Fragrance and alcohol are more volatile, so you absorb and wipe the stain immediately, not waiting to soak like cooking oil.

3Clean the glue on the glass with dishwashing liquid and warm water

How to quickly clean glue on glass

Also because dishwashing liquid is always available in the house, this method is quite handy. The detergent properties of dishwashing liquid when combined with the heat from warm water will effectively loosen the adhesive layer.

You just need to put a little dishwashing liquid on the rag, then dip the rag in warm water do it 2-3 times cleaning on adhesive stains. It will take some effort, but it will also effectively “dislodge” the glue from the glass.

4Clean the glue on the glass with a pencil eraser

Just like removing pencil marks on paper, you Use an eraser on the glue stain. It will take some force and take a few minutes, but the glue will gradually come off. After that, just use a damp cloth to wipe it off completely.

5Clean the glue on the glass with a hair dryer

How to quickly clean glue on glass

In this way, we use heat to melt and reduce the ability of the glue on the glass.

Use Hair dryer heats directly on the glued glass surfaceuntil the glue shows signs of melting, you Use a damp cloth to clean the chargerh and they will be completely removed from the glass. In addition, the hair dryer also helps to prevent clothes from being stained with food and smoke.

Choose the most convenient way for you to clean stubborn, annoying glue stains on clear glass. You will surely be satisfied with the results.

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