I continue with part 2 on the way back to Tra Vinh, this part is a bit more risky than going to catch snakes but unfortunately catching extremely poisonous snakes, follow the article below.

In part 1 about Tra Vinh, I introduced you to go to the rambutan garden, eat mangosteen and catch fish for dinner. In this part 2, there are more interesting and adventurous parts than visiting snake traps, enjoying snake and mouse meat.

I took my friends over to my maternal hometown to play, my youngest uncle in his free time made snake traps and set snakes, ready to visit, so we all went along and watched our journey.

firstVisiting snakes

Shared by Ut, he watched how to make snake traps online, then bought a lead net and followed suit. The trap has a length of 50cm, the bait to place the snake is a baby mouse, snakes get in and eat mice, they won’t be able to come out. Ut added that he sometimes places 2 snakes in one turn.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2Snake Set Trap

Now let’s go to visit snakes, snakes usually live in high hills, groves and deserted places, we follow a small trail, both sides are full of trees.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2Where to place snakes

On the way to visit snakes, in the grove, I still saw the fruit of the bowl, unfortunately there was no ripe fruit on the tree, and the ripe fruit fell off. This bowl of fruit is known only to people in the countryside, when ripe, it is fragrant, sweet, and delicious with sugar and ice.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2Fruit bowl

Visiting Uncle Ut’s orange garden and picking up a bag too, when Ut told us how to choose good oranges, first look at the orange tree, the trees with green leaves, beautiful fruit, turn yellow on the orange, here it is. very sweet fruit. There are some trees that have yellow leaves, even though their fruits have yellow skin, they are also sour to eat.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2Explore the orange garden

Today is unlucky or something, visited nearly a dozen traps all day without any snakes. Near the end, there was a very poisonous viper. Ut said this is a very poisonous sesame viper, biting into the flesh. Ut decided to kill this snake.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2Stick with extremely poisonous sesame viper

Fortunately, the last one also got a cobra, about 1kg in size, guys. The onion cobra is very gentle, its bite is not poisonous but it rarely bites, the meat is very delicious, it can be stewed with lemongrass, stir-fried with lemongrass and chili or stir-fried, …. But on the body of this snake, the smell of onions is very strong, after catching it, it is very difficult to get rid of the smell.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2Stick to almost 1kg of cobra

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2

2Enjoy the fake food of rats and snakes

After catching snakes, we went to the field to play, the scene was beautiful, poetic, a vast and green rice field. When you can play, it’s already afternoon, come back home to make dinner.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2

In the morning, I caught the youngest dog for us, and bought me more hamsters. Now I’m going to make grilled rat and snake. Ms. Tam also made a dish of stir-fried buffalo with leaves, on the way back, she stopped by the market to buy.

Journey to discover Cau Ke - Tra Vinh part 2