On the traditional New Year’s Day, especially for the Chinese in Vietnam, sausages are always indispensable. So what is sausage, how many types and how to preserve sausage, let’s find out in the article below.

Just like the Vietnamese, the Chinese in Vietnam always celebrate Tet with offerings to their ancestors with the meaning of remembering their roots as well as wishing for happiness and luck for the family. Among the dishes that the Chinese often use in the ancient tray, the most commonly used is sausage.

The reason for using sausage is because the sausage looks very similar to a string of red envelopes expressing the wish of luck and wealth, so the Chinese often use sausages in the ancient tray to offer to their ancestors.

Besides, sausage is also a dish with a long shelf life and gradually used during long holidays. However, if you do not know how to preserve, sausages are easy to spoil in just a few days. So do not skip the following article to know how to preserve sausage effectively.

firstWhat is Sausage?

Sausage, also known as sausage, originated from China and then imported to Vietnam, is a dish made with ingredients such as pork, lard, sugar, salt, and a little alcohol. and other spices… All are stuffed into dried pork intestines to ripen by natural fermentation.

If before there were only pork sausages, now there are shrimp sausages, beef sausages, …

2How to distinguish fresh sausages and dried sausages?

sausage There are usually two typessun-dried sausages are “dried sausages”, and un-dried sausages are “fresh sausages”.

Fresh Sausage are usually very short, about the size of a finger, and are prepackaged in bags or tied in long strings. Lap thought fresh red-pink color of fresh meat, speckled with pepper inside and seasoned with special wine.

Dried Sausage come in a variety of shapes, can be a hand long or shorter. Dried sausages are often opaque red, dry and the meat is not clear.

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Sausages, indispensable dishes on Tet holiday and how to preserve them effectively

3How to preserve sausages?

There are two types of sausages, fresh and dried, each with different preservation methods.

For fresh sausages

Put the sausage in the bowl Close the box with a tight lid or use absorbent paper and put it in a sealed nylon bag and put it in the refrigerator so you will for about 15 days but still full of delicious taste, but if you put it in the freezer, the shelf life will be longer.

You can Hang sausages in a dry place or refrigerator can be stored in about 1 monthand if you want to preserve it longer, put the sausages in a large pot, Pour fresh Siamese coconut water and just cover the sausages and simmer on low heat until the coconut water dries up. Let the sausage cool completely and then put it in the refrigerator. This way can preserve sausages from 2 to 6 months.

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Sausages, indispensable dishes on Tet holiday and how to preserve them effectively

For dry sausages

Spray the sausage with a layer of white wine then put in a sealed jar with this way you can let the sausage dry until 6 months while still maintaining the same taste.

Put the sausage in a box and put in it a glass of white wine thanks to the smell of wine that flies, mosquitoes or ants will not come. Remember to change the wine once in a while

Put the sausage in a plastic bag and hang it in a cool place The more sunlight the better, the longer it will last.

If you buy sausages and have not used them all yet Can be stored in the freezershould not be kept in the refrigerator because it has moisture, so it is easy to mold.

Sausages, indispensable dishes on Tet holiday and how to preserve them effectively

Sausage, in Vietnamese culture as well as Chinese in Vietnam, is always a dish with many meanings, wishing for a happy new year to come to your family. So in addition to understanding why using sausages on New Year’s Day, you also need to know how to preserve sausages so that sausages are always delicious in your meals.

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