The hot pot sauce is smoky, the taste is sour and spicy, the red catfish meat has just been cooked, so it is tough, extremely sweet. To know how to make a delicious hot pot with standard red catfish, please continue reading this article.

Red snapper is very popular with people because of its delicious, sweet, and firm flavor. So it is often processed into many different dishes, including Thai red catfish hot pot. The harmonious combination of all ingredients has created an extremely stimulating hot pot. Let’s discover how to cook delicious fish hot pot!

firstIngredients for cooking Thai red catfish hot pot

Ingredients for cooking Thai red catfish hot potIngredients for cooking Thai red catfish hot pot

2How to cook delicious Thai red catfish hot pot at home

Step 1 Process materials

After buying the red snapper, wash it briefly with water, then soak the fish in dilute salt water with a few slices of ginger in it. soak for 5 minutes to reduce the fishy smell of fish, then take out, wash, dry, then cut into small pieces.

Good tip: You can remove the fishy smell of fish with salt, lemon or diluted alcohol

Tomatoes are washed, then cut into small pieces. With pineapple after washing, then you diced.

Lemongrass and chili washed, then smashed lemongrass, cut into pieces about 3cm. Chili sliced.

Onions and garlic peeled, then finely choppedthen place in a small bowl.

The octopus is washed, then cut in half and squeezed take the juice.

With water spinach, coriander and mint, you wash it, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and put it in the basket let drain.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Marinated fish

Put the red snapper in a bowl with some garlic, red onion, sugar, seasoning seeds, a few slices of chili and mix well, then Marinate for 10 minutes for the fish to absorb the spices.

Marinated fishMarinated fish

Step 3 Cook hotpot

Put a pot on the stove, put in the garlic, red onion and lemongrass, fry until fragrant, then add tomatoes and pineapple, Stir well for 2 minutes let tomatoes and pineapples hunt.

Then pour in 1 liter of water, cook until the water boils, then add the juice, then taste with a little salt, sugar, seasoning and put in the bottle of Thai hot pot.

Then add the red snapper along with a few slices of chili, cook for 5 minutes until the fish is cooked, then turn off the heat.

Good tip: To cook delicious Thai hot pot with beautiful color, you can use the color of cashew oil or gac, the colored water has both beautiful color and not too spicy, the whole family can eat it.

Cook hotpotCook hotpot

Step 4 Finished product

Red tilapia Hunted meat, slightly fatty, hot hot pot, sweet, slightly sour with rich vegetables It will definitely make you remember forever.

Finished productFinished product

3 Enjoy

Enjoy red magic fish with Fresh vermicelli served with spicy chili fish sauce is the “standard post” for the cold winter. To make the hot pot more flavorful, add 1 pinch of chopped onion and coriander It’s also a great combination.

Enjoy red catfish hot potEnjoy red catfish hot pot

It doesn’t take too much time that you have a delicious hot and sour hot pot right away, with this red catfish hotpot, you can dip it with a cup of salty fish sauce with a few slices of chili, it will be much more delicious. Good luck with this dish.