Mom has prepared quite a bit of luggage for the day of labor at the hospital, but still try to check through a few essential items that are easy to miss when packing below!!!

firstWet towel

Wet towel

You’ll be able to buy them at the hospital, but they’ll be expensive and may not be exactly what you want. Just prepare in advance so that you can use it right away when you need it.

– Absorb the mother’s sweat in labor pain.

– Hygiene for the baby during the hospital days.

– Used for people to take care of…

Don’t miss your mother.

2Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

There are many mothers who will abstain from water, avoid washing their hair, but a little dry shampoo will make the mother more comfortable, especially after the labor pains and sweat “like a bath”. And it can also be used for those who are taking care of patients, very convenient.



Surely mom wouldn’t want her hair to be ruffled during the days at the hospital and the day she “re-emerged” back home, right? Remember to put a comb in your carry-on bag!



It is possible that the hospital will have towels available for both mother and caregiver, but mother will not guarantee that they are clean, sterile, and safe to use. Please bring your own bath towels!



After giving birth, it was difficult for the mother to walk in the first few days. The house slippers will help mom walk more easily, gently and comfortably.

7Toilet paper and dry tissues

Toilet paper and dry tissues

The hospital is a public place, especially in the maternity area, the demand for toilet paper is higher. If the toilet is not available, mom has already prepared it in her luggage to use.

Not to mention it can also be used for many other things.

8Paper panties

Paper panties

So that mom can use it once and then throw it away, don’t have to worry about washing; Especially in the days after giving birth, the discharge is easy to overflow, leaving stains on the underwear.

9Sanitary pads for moms

Sanitary pads for moms

The type used for the postpartum days, large size, thickness and high absorbency, to absorb large amounts of fluid.

The area around the hospital will be sold without shortage, but what if you need to use it right away and don’t have it yet? Remember to bring some mom!

Some items are very familiar, but it is inconvenient to forget and need them. If possible, be prepared in your “baggage” to pass through birth!

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