Scented bags have great uses and are loved by many people. However, do you know how to use scented bags effectively? Let Phunudaily suggest you!

Put scented bags in the house

Put scented bags in the house

To be able to deodorize the air, bring a fresh and pleasant space, you can use scented bags placed in certain areas of the house such as living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen… You can hang the scented bags in the areas you want or put them on the table, kitchen counter… so that they spread the scent.

Put scented bags in cabinets, drawers, shoe shelves…

Leave the scented bag in the closet, shoe shelf...

To get rid of musty smells, you can put scented bags in your closet, on shoe shelves, in drawers, etc. The scent of lavender will help eliminate the musty smell caused by the environment and keep the scent for a long time. long on household items.

Hang scented bags in the house

Use scented bags to hang decorations

Or you can also use scented bags by hanging scented bags in the house as a way to decorate the house more beautiful and have a pleasant fragrance. Hanging scented bags in the car is also a way for you to get rid of the smell in the car and so that you can relax wherever you are.

Note when using scented bags

Place the scented sachet in a dry place

As you know, fragrant bags are actually cotton bags, paper bags should have a structure that is easy to absorb water. Therefore, you need to put the fragrance bag in a dry place to be completely effective. If the perfume bag has been wet, contaminated with water or damaged, you should throw it away, do not use it anymore so as not to affect your health.

With the great uses of scented bags and extremely simple usage is the secret to help you relax mentally every day. You can also use scented bags as gifts for loved ones.

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