Bed bugs are dangerous insects that are difficult to destroy as well as control with a terrible rate of spread. Check out the ways to get rid of bed bugs at the root below.

Bed bugs are scary pests that can spread everywhere, extremely difficult to kill and almost impossible to control. They are classified in Top 10 harmful insects superlative everywhere.

To sustain life, they bite and suck the blood of animals or people. If kept in favorable environmental and nutritional conditions, bedbugs grow very quickly and are a great source of harm to humans and pets. Humid environments are favorable conditions for aphids to live, they can reach their maximum growth rate on average in about a month.

firstWhy are bed bugs so scary?

They appear everywhere with their thin, flattened bodies, they easily hide themselves in clothes, beds, sofas or many other things without being detected.

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects size 3-4 cm, brown, oval, wingless, looks similar to cockroaches. Although they have no wings, they move very quickly across floors, ceilings and walls.

When they sting, bed bugs produce an anesthetic that makes them invisible. Bed bugs also shed their droppings right after eating, cause the bite to become swollen inflammation and infection. If it is too heavy, it will lead to symptoms such as anemia, anaphylaxis, asthma and blistering of the skin.

Besides When biting bed bugs, they also transmit MRSA bacteria – the cause of skin infections, blisters, blood infections… That’s why we should focus on getting rid of bed bugs from our beloved bed.

How to get rid of bed bugs at the root

2How to detect bed bugs in the house?

You notice around the house, especially in small, dark, jammed corners, bed legs, under mats or mattresses, with the following signs that there are bedbugs in the house:

-White eggs or eggshells, aphid corpses tiny size 1mm or larval carcass.

– Tiny holes or tiny black spots abnormal appearance on the mattress.

– Small blood stains appear on the mattress or bed sheet.

How to get rid of bed bugs at the root

3How to get rid of bed bugs at the root

Wash bed sheets and pillows

Bring all bedding or stuffed animals near the bed to be washed. The best way is Wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat. For items that cannot be put in the dryer, such as stuffed animals, dry them in a cool place.

Kill with essential oils

Tea Tree Oil, Cedarwood Oil And orange essential oil is very useful in killing bed bugs olfactory they feel uncomfortable and leave. Mix essential oils with a little water and spray them all over the space around you.


Get rid of bed bugs at the root and prevent them from returning with simple ways

Using insecticides to get rid of bed bugs is an effective and quick method. However, you need to carefully consider ingredients that must ensure health safety for consumers to avoid affecting the health of you and your family. Especially to note, you need to brush them off the mattress before spraying.

Contact bed bug extermination service

If you don’t have time to get rid of bed bugs, you can use a quick bed bug extermination service at companies near you.

4 How to deal with bedbug bites

Ways to treat bedbug bites at home:

  • When symptoms of itching are severe and persistent, a cream containing a low level of corticosteroids can be used to apply at bed bug bites. Absolute Do not scratch or rub vigorously, avoid spreading damage.

  • Go see a doctor If the bed bug bites in many places, the bed bug bite is very painful, blisters or allergic reactions such as widespread red papules, a lot of pain, a red itchy rash all over the body, …

5What to do to prevent bed bugs from returning?

Regularly wash blankets, sheets, pillows, sweep and clean the room.

It is necessary to get in the habit of drying the body before lying down to sleep. Always check for and look for signs of bed bugs.

Do not put dirty items on the bed such as dirty clothes, socks, backpacks, bags, etc.

Open the door often to let sunlight into the room.

Bed bugs grow very quickly if they are in the right environment, quickly kill them with the ways to kill bed bugs in this article. Always keep the house cool and clean to avoid dark and humid corners that are easy to become a place for bedbugs.