You have a pair of leather shoes that have been dirty and discolored, no longer beautiful. Don’t worry, follow this article to save your shoes.

Leather shoes are considered to be quite difficult to clean, cannot be cleaned in the same way as sports shoes. If your house does not have shoe polish, you have to buy it but at a rather high price. Try using used coffee grounds to polish your shoes, it’s quick and cheap and works quite well.

Coffee grounds contain substances like activated carbonmaybe Absorbs a lot of small dirt. Make it possible for us disable the stubborn stains. Therefore, make use of coffee grounds to remove stains on shoes and help shoes shine effectively.

How to use coffee grounds to clean and shine shoes effectively?

Use a towel to lightly wipe the shoes to remove stains.

Apply coffee grounds evenly on shoesthen you can use old toothbrush gently scrub on heavily soiled parts.

Apply coffee grounds evenly on shoesApply coffee grounds evenly on shoes

In the end, you take a scarf soak some water clean remaining coffee grounds. So we’re done with the cleaning.

Coffee grounds have a lot of cleaning effects, with just a few simple steps we have a shiny new pair of shoes. Try cleaning your leather shoes with this trick. Good luck