Using diapers for babies helps mothers accumulate most of the time to rest. But before the information about the use of diapers makes the baby’s legs bow, many mothers are very worried. How’s the truth?

Should babies use diapers?


Infants and children under 1 year of age have very limited control of the sphincter (anal sphincter, urethral sphincter), so the baby’s urination is on demand, there is no possibility of delay. So, using diapers for babies will bring many benefits to both the baby and the mother (caregiver):

– The baby’s genitals are kept dry, the baby is not startled or awakened by urination, sleeps better and more deeply, especially at night. It is very beneficial for the all-round development of children.

– Save time to do laundry for the mother, increase the time to rest and relax, help the mother have more time to take care of her children, herself and her family.

Should babies use diapers, are their legs bent when using diapers for a long time?-1

Using diapers will cause diaper rash for babies?

In fact, babies get diaper rash when mothers use diapers for babies improperly, increasing moisture on the skin, creating an anaerobic environment for bacteria to grow.

Depending on the baby’s urination habits, the mother should have an appropriate diaper change “schedule”, but only 2-3 hours to change a new diaper for the baby, keeping the baby’s body always dry and clean.

The use of diapers 24/24, lazy to change diapers for babies, not careful hygiene for babies every time they change diapers are the main causes of diaper rash and skin infections.

Should babies use diapers, are their legs bent when using diapers for a long time?-2

Does the baby’s legs become bows when using diapers for a long time?

Are you worried that the diaper position will make your baby’s legs not develop normally? Thinking in a simple way, if the truth is like that, maybe 30% of the world’s population has bow legs (especially in Western developed countries, always wearing diapers for babies).

In fact, mothers should understand the underlying causes of bow legs in children. It divides into 2 dchildren

Physiological bracelets

Most babies under 6 months have physiological bent legs due to the position in the womb. By the age of 1, your baby’s legs will straighten on their own without any intervention.

Pathological Bracelet

If the baby’s legs are still over 1 year old, the new parents should think about the child having a pathological anklet, needing to be examined and intervened to wear a brace…

Should babies use diapers, are their legs bent when using diapers for a long time?-3

The main cause of baby’s anklet, note to emphasize to parents, is not because of diapers, but due to many other reasons, including:

– Vitamin D deficiency affects the synthesis and absorption of calcium by the body. Babies need regular early sun exposure and (or) vitamin D supplements in pill form.

– Babies learn to walk early, before 9 months, when the skeletal system has not developed well enough.

– Wrong holding posture from childhood: Hips, back, chest.

– The baby is obese, the weight is beyond the tolerance of the skeleton…

So, before caring about the possibility of a baby getting an anklet due to using a diaper, parents should pay attention to the more powerful factors listed above, to protect their child from the risk of leg ring. braces.

With the information just provided, maybe your parents already have the answer to the question posed in the title!

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