Many of you like fried eggs but worry about the oil content? Don’t worry, Bach Hoa Xanh will tell you how to fry eggs without using oil, super fast and super effective. Please refer!

firstUse a few drops of oil change liquid

Use a few drops of oil change liquidUse a few drops of oil change liquid

When frying, frying eggs, you can use a few drops of liquid such as filtered water, soup, boiled gravy or vegetable juice to replace cooking oil. When you add these liquids, your scrambled eggs won’t stick to the pan and are easy to flip.

2Use non-stick spray

In addition to cooking oil, you can use Cooking spray (non-stick spray). This is a good, low calorie nonstick solution. You just need to put some in the hot pan to keep the eggs from sticking to the pan.

3Fry with a good non-stick pan

A little trick to fry eggs without oil is to fry eggs in a good non-stick pan. The pan has no scratches and has a non-stick coating that will prevent the eggs from sticking to the bottom of the pan and the flip will not break. If you do not have a main non-stick pan, you can replace it with a regular pan without losing the non-stick coating.

4Using a toaster

Not only baking bread, but this machine can also fry and fry a variety of foods without using oil, such as cakes, sausages or eggs. The machine is suitable for dishes that are not too thick and do not take much time to cook. You can line a sheet of wax paper to make it easier to clean the machine before use.

5Fry eggs with butter

You can also use butter as a substitute for cooking oil. Put some butter in a hot pan, let the butter melt and then crack the eggs into the pan, fry as usual. The melted butter will prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan and make it easier to flip. This fried egg with butter is both non-drying and has the aroma and richness of butter, well worth a try.

Here are some ways to fry eggs without oil. Depending on your conditions and budget, choose the way that is right for you. Good luck!