Industrial dishwashing liquid, no matter how natural, still contains chemicals. And if the user does not use it properly, thoroughly cleaning it can stay on the dishes and cause harm to health when eating. Learn how to make chemical-free dishwashing liquid right away.

With some very familiar natural ingredients, those that help create foam, those that create scents, those that help remove dirt and grease, etc., combined, you have a clean, safe, and especially completely chemical-free dishwashing liquid. substances for household use.

How to make safe dishwashing liquid from nature

Prepare materials:

– Bodhi tree: 100 – 150 g.

– Lemongrass: 5-6 plants. Should choose large branches, old tubers to wake up the scent.

– Grapefruit peel or citrus peel, unlimited quantity.

– Strainer.

Chemical-free dishwashing liquid recipe:

Step 1: Be sure to wash it with water to remove dirt, let it dry, and then bake it until fragrant. Note, do not overcook it will lose the smell and reduce the foaming efficiency.

Crush or pound the locust and put it in the pot to boil.

Step 2: Lemongrass is cut into pieces, lightly pounded, grapefruit peel is washed and cut into pieces.

Step 3: Put all the ingredients in a pot with the locust, so that the water covers the surface of the ingredients.

Boil until the water turns black, dark, then turn off the stove.

Step 4: Let the pot of water cool and pour it through a sieve to remove all the residue. So you have the water used to wash dishes that is both clean, fragrant, and safe. Pour this water into the jar and use it gradually.

Note, cold storage will help the mixture keep higher quality.

It may seem a bit laborious and time consuming to go through, but in return you get a natural, safe and effective cleaning product that is not inferior to conventional industrial products, and is very environmentally friendly. Try it now for your family!

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