Gas stove is an indispensable item in every kitchen. How many types of gas stove burners are there and what are the characteristics of each type? Let’s see how to distinguish the types of gas stove burners.

On the market today, there are many types of gas stoves, and there are also many types of gas stove burners such as: Vortex burners, infrared burners, internal burners, conventional burners, etc., depending on preferences and needs. that you can choose the right type of gas stove burner.

firstInfrared gas stove burner

Infrared gas stove burnerInfrared gas stove burner

Infrared burner technology is actually an alloy block with small grooves and a tiny flame divider on the surface, the purpose of this burner design is to help completely burn the gas consumed at the same time. helps heat penetrate faster into cooking utensils, saving cooking time faster than conventional gas stoves.

Advantages of infrared gas stove burners
– Cooking quickly, saving more than 37% gas consumption, saving cooking time up to 22% compared to conventional gas stoves
– The design is usually modern, luxurious, with high aesthetics

2Conventional burner

Conventional burnerConventional burner

Conventional burners have many small slots around so that the fire spreads around and burns evenly. The strength of this type of burner is that the fire is strong, even, stable and saves your cooking time. However, its limitation is that the fire only spreads around, not in one place. Conventional burners are often installed in inexpensive gas stoves.

Advantages of conventional burners
– For a strong, stable flame. Save your cooking time

3Gas-saving burner

Gas-saving burnerGas-saving burner

True to its name, a gas-saving burner helps your family reduce gas to the maximum. This type of burner is designed by gathering fire at the center of the bottom of the pot and then radiating all over the bottom of the pot and the walls of the pot according to the principle of obstruction, thereby limiting the amount of heat escaping out of the cookware that will quickly heat up. Food also cooks faster.

Advantages of gas-saving burners
– Gathering fire into the center of the bottom of the pot thereby greatly limiting the amount of heat lost compared to conventional burners.
– Shorten cooking time, and reduce the amount of gas needed

4Internal burner

Internal burnerInternal burner

Modern gas stoves often use internal burners. This type of burner is designed and installed right below the gas stove bracket, with a separate ignition system. When the stove is turned on, the flame will focus on the bottom of the pot, the flame is strong, so it is not blown by the wind, which saves more gas and cooks faster.

Advantages of internal burner
– Reduce cooking time by 20% and save gas by up to 25%
– Separate ignition system in burner technology

5Vortex burner

Vortex burnerVortex burner

The vortex burner is designed with vortex grooves distributed around the heating plate to help the fire be highly concentrated in the center position and diffuse to the surrounding position, so this type of burner is suitable for cooking with hot dishes. large pot size. In addition, some types of gas stoves besides the vortex burners also have built-in heaters.

Advantages of vortex burners
– Tornado-shaped flame helps to minimize wasted heat
– Cooking time will be faster and gas consumption will be less

6Sealed burner saves gas

Sealed burner saves gasSealed burner saves gas

Sealed burners are designed in such a way that the entire burner is mounted in one unit, with no openings like other types of burners. This type of burner both saves gas and prevents food from falling into the kitchen.

Above are 6 popular types of gas stove burners, you need to note that combustion technology will determine the cost and life of the stove, so you need to consider to choose the most appropriate type of burner.

Advantages of gas-saving closed burners
– Help gas stove save gas more than usual
– The flame is strong and does not fall when exposed to the wind, reducing cooking time by 20% and saving gas by up to 25%

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