Masks are a familiar product that helps protect everyone’s health. Currently, there are two popular types of masks: medical masks and paper masks. Here are a few details to help you distinguish medical masks and paper masks.

Choosing the right mask and using it correctly can help you prevent the possibility of virus infection, especially corona virus, a virus that causes acute pneumonia from person to person quickly. Many people mistakenly think that medical masks and paper masks are the same, but in fact these are two types of masks with differences.

firstStructural features

Ordinary medical masks will have 3 layers in which: the outermost layer is blue to help waterproof, helping to prevent liquid particles from splashing out when the patient coughs or sneezes; the middle layer has the effect of filtering dust and bacteria of extremely small size; The innermost layer is white and is designed to be lint-free or ruffled with sweat absorption to create comfort for the user.

Paper masks usually have only 2 layers, including a filter layer and a waterproof layer. In addition, there are optimal antibacterial N95 masks on the market, recommended by experts.

2The ability to filter dirt

Medical masks are designed with many layers, so the ability to filter dirt as well as bacteria is extremely good against even very small bacteria or dust particles, which will help minimize the risk of infection. pandemic.

Paper masks are less capable of filtering dirt and bacteria than medical masks.


Medical masks have a cheap price of about 35,000 VND to 55.00 VND / box of 48 pieces and paper masks are very cheap, cheaper than medical masks, the price is about 25,000 VND / box of 50 pieces.

Hopefully, through the last shared article, you have differentiated medical masks and paper masks so that you can choose the most suitable product to protect the health and safety of yourself and your family, especially at this time. epidemic is raging. In addition, you can refer to tips on wearing effective medical masks to protect your health.

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