Introduction of Silcot Makeup Remover Cotton

In the steps of facial skin care, makeup removal is one of the very important steps that, if not done well, can affect the effectiveness of subsequent skin care.

If using Silcot makeup remover cotton is your choice, then you need to know its quality and classification…

firstIs Silcot cotton makeup good?

Silcot is a famous brand of Japan Unicharm Corporation

Silcot is a well-known brand of Unicharm Corporation Japan produced based on the skin care formula of Japanese women who always show their sophistication and meticulousness, so it is no coincidence that this product mentioned a lot on social networking sites. Let’s learn more about this special “friend”.

Products with outstanding advantages such as:

– Made from 100% cotton, soft and quite light, Doesn’t feel dry when in contact with the skin.

– Produced with Natural materials with no chemicalsis specially designed with a non-woven fabric to prevent lint and cotton dust from sticking to the skin of the face.

– Absorbent cotton core spreads evenly in the cotton pad to save a lot of solution, gently helping the skin absorb most of the nutrients of skin care products…

– Not only used as a cotton makeup remover Silcot has the ability to both clean and perform the function of moisturizing, as a safe skin care mask.

2How many types of Silcot makeup remover cotton?

There are currently 3 types of Silcot makeup remover cotton on the market, such as: blue box, green box and black box.

Silcot makeup remover cotton blue box

This is considered the basic line, with Designed as a rectangular bag, the outside is non-woven fabric So when using the cotton core inside, it is not ruffled or deformed because the border has been stereotyped, so it is very solid.

The cotton pad is quite thin and gentle to the skin, so it is very suitable for applying lotion or tonerWhen pouring the solution on the cotton, all is spread evenly and absorbed into the cotton very easily, helping to save cosmetics quite effectively.

The market price is about: 38,000 VND / box of 82 pieces.

Silcot luxury makeup remover cotton green box

Similar to the smart bag design of the blue one, as the name suggests is premium with The main ingredient is 100% natural cottonespecially thick and spongy when applied to the skin, very gentle to the skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skinhas the same advantage as the blue type in that it does not leave fibers or cotton deformed when used.

Compared to the normal thin type, you have to use 2-3 pieces, but when using this type, you It only takes 1 piece, because the cotton pad is quite thick, so it doesn’t fall apart when removing makeup. Helps remove makeup or use as an eye mask and other special treatment blends extremely effective.

The market price is about: 43,000 VND/box of 66 pieces.

Silcot makeup remover cotton pad in black color

Unlike the versatile uses of the two above, this product For skin care purposes only, combine the two steps of patting and applying moisturizer. With the texture of cotton fiber is thin, soft, smooth, porous without lint and holds water quite well, so when using the skin care solution, it is evenly absorbed on the cotton and penetrates deeply into the surface of the skin.

The special feature of this product is Large size helps to evenly cover a large area of ​​the facethe cut in the middle is easy to split in half and the delicate curving edge follows the curve under the eyes to perfectly nourish the areas on the skin.

The market price is about: 53,000 VND/box of 40 pieces.

A good product with a reasonable price and easy to buy, there is no reason for you not to try it, right?

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