Durex lubricating gel is a quality product trusted by couples. At Bach Khoa XANH, we sell all kinds of Durex lubricating gels with the best prices and best quality on the market.

Not only products for women, Durex lubricating gel also has specialized products for men. The lubricating effect is perfect, the properties are mild, the taste is delicate, making the love sublime, complete…

firstDurex Durex Play Massage Swim Gel

Specially formulated for men, water-based ingredients are mild, non-greasy, non-irritating, this 2-in-1 product can be used for full body massage and lubrication for smoother lovemaking.

Durex Play Massage Delicate aloe vera aroma enhances pleasure, helps gentle skin care, safe to use with condoms, without worrying about tearing the condom.

The 200 ml tube costs about 190,000 VND.

2Durex Play Warming Lubricant

As a pure water-based product that is safe to use with condoms, non-sticky, pH balanced, Durex Warming Lubricating Gel is specially formulated with warming agents to provide gentle warmth to stimulate love more intense.

The 100 ml tube costs about 130,000 VND.

3Durex Play Tingling Lubricant

A water-based, fragrance-free, lubricating gel that is a blend of warmth, coolness, tingle, and tenderness, helping couples blend deeper into love, smoother, more sublimated.

The 100 ml tube costs about 140,000 VND.

4Durex Play Strawberry Lubricant

Maintaining a mild water-based formula, Durex Play Strawberry with a sweet strawberry scent easily stimulates female emotions.

The product is non-greasy, gentle, safe for the skin and used with condoms.

Durex Play Strawberry Lubricant Gel 100ml costs about 184,500 VND.

5Durex Play Classic Lubricant

Giving users a feeling of smoothness, softness and lightness like silk, Durex Play Classic stimulates love more passionately, enhances pleasure for couples to make love more romantic and intense.

Water-based product is non-sticky, non-irritating, safe to use with condoms.

The 100 ml tube costs about 140,000 VND.

6Durex Ky Jelly Lubricating Gel

Durex Ky Jelly lubricating gel is made in Thailand, the product has Cool mint flavor, providing a high degree of slickness and moisture, creating a silky feeling with a cool mint flavor.

Durex Ky Jelly Lubricating Gel 50g The price is about 83,000 VND.

Everything you need to know about Durex Lubricant Gel, with the same function, but different experience, Durex lubricating gel products for couples make love more fresh, smooth, and magical. period and sublimation. Which style do you think you should try?