Lemongrass contains lemongrass essential oil that has the ability to deodorize, create a mild and pleasant fragrance, so you can use lemongrass to deodorize the toilet very effectively.

The toilet is a place to accumulate bacteria that are harmful to health as well as create unpleasant odors that make us obsess every time we want to go to the toilet.

To be able to effectively deodorize, one of the popular methods is to use lemongrass essential oil, but the process of making lemongrass essential oil is very complicated so you can do it with lemongrass.

Lemongrass still has lemongrass essential oil with a mild aroma and very good deodorizing ability. That’s why you can easily use lemongrass bought in the market to deodorize the toilet, and also have anti-mosquito ability.

How to deodorize the toilet with lemongrass

Prepare 2 to 3 lemongrass plants, then smash them with a knife so that the essential oil inside is secreted.

Hang lemongrass in the toilet or prepare a vase for you to place at the base of the toilet.

The essential oil in lemongrass will slowly secrete and deodorize very effectively after just one night. This method is effective for about 1 weekthen you should replace the lemongrass with a new one.

Deodorizing the toilet with lemongrass is generally very effective, but you need to find the main cause of the smell such as blocked drains, then you need to unclog the drain, unclog the toilet and regularly clean the toilet. .