For a long time, Danisa biscuits have become a familiar brand in the Vietnamese market as a premium and luxurious cake. Especially for gifts during the holidays. That has created opportunities for fake cake manufacturers. Read this article to avoid buying fake Danisa cakes!

firstDanisa fake name and model

Imitation by name: Instead of real names, they will use names similar to: Damisa, Dalina, Daily”s. Because the cake has a foreign name, sometimes remembering the exact name of the cake is not noticed by consumers, which leads to the situation of buying fake goods.

Imitation by model: These fake cake boxes are up to 90% similar in color and shape to real cake boxes. Fake cakes are usually only closed in paper boxes without tins. Talk about the quality of the fake Danisa cake box. Counterfeit manufacturers can copy names, copy shapes and colors, but they can’t copy the quality inside. In addition to the other eye-catching design, inside are only biscuits produced of unknown origin, the process is not hygienic.

Image of fake cake with the name of Damisa

2Distinguish fake and real Danisa cakes through product packaging

To distinguish real and fake cakes, you need to know that real Danisa cakes will have the following information:



Distributor: Sun Resources Food Co., Ltd

In particular, please distinguish the price, fake cakes are often cheaper and the image is not clear, the color is pale and the box is not sure. In contrast, real cake will have: 1 outer bag, 1 paper box, inside is a tin box.

For the safest, you should also go to reliable shopping points to buy cakes, such as Mini supermarkets near your home, not roadside shops or grocery stores where the product is of unknown origin.

Criteria to distinguish fake and real cakes

Real Danisa cake

3Danisa cakes are being distributed in the market

Currently, there are 4 types of Danisa cakes distributed in Vietnam market:

Danisa cake 200g lThe smallest type is often chosen by people to attend temple ceremonies or consume directly

Danisa cake 454g is a small type used to meet personal needs, to give gifts to the market segment with a lower price than the other two large types.

Danisa cake 681g is the middle type that is very popular because of the suitable price segment for giving and giving.

Danisa cake 908g is the largest.

Danisa cakes

Buying fake goods not only loses money but also has unpredictable consequences on human health. Besides, with the demand for gift giving, it also destroys the reputation and image of the gift giver. Through this article, I hope you all know how to choose the right butter Danisa box and if there are any better details to distinguish from fake Danisa, please share so that everyone can be a wise consumer!

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