Do you know the TOP of ready-to-drink powdered milk to help smart and grow up babies, trusted by many parents? Let’s have a look at this article!

Currently, many mothers are very interested in ready-made powdered milk because of its convenience and use. Choosing a milk to help your baby develop both mentally and physically is always a top priority.

firstDielac Grow Plus ready-to-drink formula milk

Dielac Grow Plus ready-to-drink formula milk

Dielac Grow Plus is a dairy brand of Dielac (Vietnam). Suitable for malnourished and stunted children under 1 year old.

With Weight Pro + formula rich in energy, protein, fat, supplemented with Lysin, Zinc, B vitamins, fiber to help children eat better, Vitamins A, E, C, Calcium, Selenium to protect a healthy body.

Supplemented with MCT – fast-transforming fat, easy to digest, supporting the absorption of nutrients and providing DHA, AA, Taurine, Cholin to help children develop better brain.

Price: 460,000 VND/carton 48 boxes of 180ml

2NutiFood Grow Plus ready-to-drink powdered milk +

NutiFood Grow Plus + is a premium milk line of NutiFood milk company. Ready-to-drink powdered milk is suitable for Children 1 year old and upslow weight gain, need to supplement nutrition to catch up growth momentum.

Contains calcium, vitamins A, E, C to help children strengthen their resistance. Contains no preservatives, no colorants and is safe to use.

Price: 493,000 VND/carton 48 boxes of 180ml

3Abbott PediaSure ready-to-drink formula

Abbott PediaSure is a milk line from Abbott brand (USA). Provide adequate and balanced nutrition to help children grow well.

For children 1-10 years old, children with anorexia, sick or newly ill children, children who need nutritional supplements, children with lactose intolerance. Complete and balanced supply of 25 vitamins and minerals to help children grow healthy.

Price: 864,000 VND/carton 24 bottles of 237ml

4Optimum Gold ready-to-drink formula milk

Optimum Gold is the premium milk line of Optimum Gold (Vietnam). Ingredients of milk include: Water, powdered milk, refined sugar, malt, vegetable oil, …

With an easy-to-digest formula that is the foundation for absorption of essential nutrients for children from 1 year of age, support the comprehensive development of health factors, help strengthen resistance and support brain development of children. Recommended to use directly and use 2 boxes per day

Price: 550,000 VND / carton 48 boxes of milk 180ml

5Friso Gold ready-to-drink formula milk

Friso Gold is a milk line from the Friso brand (Netherlands). Ingredients: Water, skimmed milk powder, sugar, milk fat, vegetable oil,…

For children over 3 years old. Helps strengthen the beneficial bacteria in the gut and support the immune system for children. Increase the same resistance and support the brain development of children.

Price: 655,000/carton 48 milk cartons 180ml

Above are ready-made powdered milk products that many parents trust and choose for their children. Hopefully with the above suggestions, you will choose the right product to help your baby grow smart and grow up quickly.

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