The trunk of the car has an unpleasant smell, what should you do? Don’t just need a few lemongrass plants to solve it.

The past few rainy days have made my raincoat wet and smelly. Ironically, when it is urgent to put a raincoat in the trunk of the car and forget to wash it, the trunk has an unpleasant damp smell. At this time, I asked for help from lemongrass, a cooking ingredient available in my kitchen to eliminate the smell.

How to deodorize the trunk of the car with lemongrass

The method is very simple, just cut the lemongrass into small pieces, smash with a knife.

Then use elastic to tie it and put it in the trunk of the car. By the next day the smell will be gone.

I think this is not only my own situation, but also the problem of quite a few people with trunks who often leave things in the trunk. In addition to the trunk, you can also use it for cars that also often have an unpleasant odor inside.