Rainy and humid weather often makes your shoes smelly, but with just soap and a small piece of paper towel, you can deodorize your shoes. Let’s see how this deodorant works.

Humid weather or sweaty feet make your shoes quickly smell, making you hesitant to wear them when going out with friends. However, going out or going to work without wearing shoes can make you look inferior, so what can you do?

You can quickly and effectively solve this problem with just soap in the bathroom along with a piece of tissue.

In soap bars, there are ingredients that create a gentle scent and have the ability to kill bacteria, which can limit odor-causing bacteria and replace odors with the scent of soap bars.

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How to deodorize shoes with soap barsHow to deodorize shoes with soap bars

How to deodorize shoes with soap bars

Step 1: Use a razor to scrape some soap onto a thin paper towel. Make sure to let the soap dry.

Step 2: Place the soap-infused paper towel in the shoe and leave it overnight. You will be surprised to find that the smell is gone.

So, I have shared with you how to get rid of shoe odor with soap. There are many other ways to remove shoe odor that you can refer to in the article below.

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