Have you thought of what to cook today? Let’s see what’s on today’s menu!

Today’s tray of rice will be very attractive with rich tomato braised scad. along with fried squid with crispy sweet and sweet cucumber, add a cool seaweed soup with ribs and dessert with black bean soup!

firstBraised scad with tomato

As a kind of fish quite familiar to housewives, with a cheap price, but the meat is very soft and sweet, tomato braised scad is a delicious dish, easy to make but equally delicious. The sour taste of tomatoes combined with the sweetness of the buds, adding a little spicy pepper makes it a delicious dish. It will be delicious when eaten with hot rice.

2Stir-fried squid with cucumber

Stir-fried squid with cucumber is a dish that is also very common in family meals, because it is not only delicious but also has high nutritional value.

Squid is stir-fried just enough to be cooked, when eating, there is a feeling of crispy crunchiness along with the natural sweetness of cucumbers, soaking up the spices, really a delicious dish.

3Seaweed soup with ribs

Introducing to you a soup that is both suitable for sunny days and also for this cold rainy day, which is seaweed soup cooked with ribs. Ribs contain many nutrients, cooked with seaweed is equally nutritious, which will create a soup that is not only full of nutrition but also has a unique sweet taste. This will be the right soup to nourish your family.

4Black bean tea

Eating dessert with black bean tea is the standard. The sweetness is just enough, with a little aroma of ginger, coconut leaves, the sweet taste of coconut milk, served with some cool ice, it is a great dessert.

Hopefully, the menu above has helped you have more choices for your daily family meal. Wish you have a delicious and nutritious rice tray.