Black tea macchiato is a favorite drink of many people. Now, you can enjoy the delicious taste of this drink at home with the instructions in the following article.

Black tea has a delicate aroma, slightly acrid taste and has many health benefits. Dish macchiato black tea It will bring you mixed taste experiences.

The sweetness of the tea blends with the greasy, soft aroma of the macchiato layer, after drinking, there is still a subtle aroma of tea in the mouth and a slight bitterness in the aftertaste, making you want to take another sip. With the instructions below, you can completely enjoy this drink at home and it’s just as delicious as the store.

5 minutes
15 minutes
Intended for
1 person

firstIngredients for Macchiato Black Tea

Macchiato (milk foam) class


2Steps to make Maccchiato Black Tea

Step 1 Beat macchiato to make milk foam

You put all the ingredients in the correct dosage into the beater, Beat well by hand until the ingredients are mixed together into a smooth foam. Then, cover the beaten macchiato and store it in the refrigerator.

If If you don’t have a coffee frother, you can try these 2 ways:

Shake by hand: Pour the mixture into a glass jar, cover tightly, and shake well. You keep shaking until the milk foam reaches the desired smoothness, then stop. This method is quite hand-tied, but simple and glass jars are easy to find, so almost anyone can do it themselves.

Using an egg beater: With this method, you only need about 5 minutes is to complete the smooth, fragrant milk foam. A small note is that you should put the machine in small mode, if set to a large level, the speed of the machine may cause the mixture to splash out and waste materials.

Steps to make Maccchiato Black TeaBeat macchiato to make milk foam

Step 2 Make tea, complete the macchiato black tea

Give 120ml hot water into 100g black tea, cover and brew tea for 7 minutes. After that, you filter the tea body, the tea is ready to make.

For a truly delicious cup of black tea macchiato, use it 80ml black tea mixed with 20ml sugar water, stir well and add ice. Remember to add ice to the right level, 1 distance away from the mouth of the glass so we can cover the macchiato.

Take the macchiato out of the fridge, Slowly spread 40ml on top of the tea. Can be garnished with matcha powder or cocoa powder. So the macchiato black tea is done.

Above is the standard recipe, you can increase or decrease the sweetness, amount of ice or milk foam depending on your preference to suit your taste!

Steps to make Maccchiato Black TeaMake tea, complete the macchiato black tea

3Finished product

A standard cup of macchiato black tea The macchiato layer must be separate from the clear tea below. Take a sip of macchiato black tea Cool, sweet aroma from black tea and rich in milk taste can make you relax after tired times.

Finished productThe macchiato class must be separate from the tea

I wish you success in making this drink.

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