Have you ever heard of lentils or lentil delicacies? If not, then the article below will partly supplement and answer your questions, promising to help you pack a list of delicious dishes!

Although less popular than green beans, black beans or red beans, lentils have long been appreciated by many nutritionists for their nutritional content as well as their great effects such as: good for the heart, maintaining Maintain a slim figure and reduce the risk of cancer. Let’s learn more about lentils through a few dishes below!

firstStir-fried lentils with meat

Stir-fried lentils with meat

Stir-fry is always considered the soul of every Vietnamese family meal because it makes the table more attractive and eye-catching. Therefore, the meat-fried lentil dish will open the list of delicious dishes from lentils, The sweet taste of lentils accompanied by the crispness of the vegetables and the deliciousness of the meat will also shine. Just listening to it is very attractive, it will definitely entice all members of your family!

2Pumpkin stewed with lentils

To help the family meal more nutritious, we cannot ignore the pumpkin lentil stew. With the nutrients in pumpkin along with the nutrients protein, carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids and other essential vitamins found in lentils, pumpkin lentil stew will be a treat. great choice for family meal.

3Red lentil brown rice porridge

The main ingredients are brown rice and red lentils, just these two ingredients are enough for a delicious porridge, other ingredients can be creatively customized and still can be assured of nutrition. Therefore, this is a suitable dish for both the sick, the elderly, and children and suitable for busy housewives.

4Red lentil vegetarian soup

If you are still confused as to how to enrich your vegetarian meal and still be full of nutrients, Red Lentil Vegetarian Soup is the answer. Because this is Vegetarian food suitable for everyone: From young children to the elderly, including obese people, diabetics or digestive disorders… Although the preparation and cooking time is somewhat time consuming, in return, your family or loved ones You will enjoy an attractive and unforgettable dish.

5Pasta with red lentils

This quick yet nutritious meal includes nutritious top lentils along with pasta. This red lentil pasta dish is easy to make, takes no time, and is affordable. Guaranteed to make you and your family fall in love with it!

Here are a few dishes made from lentils. Hope to add to your family’s meals more rich and nutritious. Wish you success and delicious!

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