Do you know what to cook for your meal this weekend? Check out the rice tray below!

Not only is the time for everyone to gather together, the weekend is also a time to rest, so that the sisters can spend time cooking delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family. The meal will be rich with braised red catfish, irresistible sweetness with mixed fried beef. In addition to that, the sweet and sour taste of lentil soup and dessert with an apple smoothie is nothing better than that.

firstBraised red snapper fish

Red snapper is very popular every day, because it is quite cheap, has a lot of meat, little bones, and can be combined with many other things. Therefore, braised red snapper fish will be a delicious, easy-to-eat finger for families with young children, without worrying about choking on fish bones. The fatty taste of fish meat and the mild sourness of eggplant will be an unforgettable taste.

Making red snapper is not difficult at all. Watch now: Red snapper fish braised with tomatoes, delicious and rich for dinner

2Stir-fried mixed beef

Beef is quite high in protein, rich in nutrition combined with delicious, colorful vegetables to bring a new and equally nutritious experience. Choosing this dish for your home-cooked meal is both quick and attractive and eaten with delicious white rice. I’m sure your husband will love to eat this dish.

If you don’t know how to do it, let’s see now: How to make mixed fried beef, tender meat and delicious crispy vegetables

3Lentil fish sour soup

If you choose a cool soup to eat at the weekend, many people will definitely remember the sour fish soup with lentils, a soup that is quite easy to prepare and delicious. The soft meat of lentils, along with the sweet and sour taste of the accompanying sour soup spices, will make your meal more warm and round.

It only takes 30 minutes to have a delicious bowl of salmon soup in the right way. Check out how to make it here: My husband loves to love, compliments and compliments with sour and sour soup with lentils

4Apple smoothie

Finishing a meal without dessert is a mistake. And apple smoothie will be a great choice for your family dessert. Apples contain many important vitamins for the body, not only beautiful skin but also good for health. So, don’t forget to choose apple smoothie for your family.

Hope this article has given you a delicious menu for a meal this weekend with your family. Hope you have a delicious and nutritious meal with your family.