Starting from 6 months old, babies can get used to different types of yogurt to change their taste, enhance nutrition and take better care of the digestive system. Please see the types of yogurt suitable for babies under 1 year old.

Using yogurt for babies helps to increase calcium, protein, nutrients, and in addition, helps to balance the baby’s immature digestive system. Not only that, yogurt is strange, delicious, easy to use, and many children love it. To be better for the baby, mothers can choose yogurt products specifically for babies.

firstVinamilk Susu eating yogurt

The product provides essential nutrients for babies, helps supplement vitamin A for bright eyes, FOS soluble fiber supports the digestive system to work well so that the baby eats well, is healthy, active, and grows quickly.

2Nestle P’tit Brasse Yogurt

The product is used for babies from 4-6 months of age and older, helping them to supplement calcium more, develop well the digestive system.

Nestle P’tit Brasse natural flavor is suitable for baby’s taste, there are many flavors such as vanilla, banana, pear … for mom to choose.

3Yogurt Zottis

Originated from Germany, fermented from premium fresh milk from Germany, high fat content, with delicious, natural and nutritious fruit flavors to help children enhance health and better digestion.

The product is recommended by nutritionists in Germany.

4Bauer Petit Fruit Cheese Yogurt

Yogurt from Germany has added whey with more calcium and fat, added digestive enzymes to help children eat better.

Products to help babies grow in height, protect the intestines, good for babies from 3 months old and up, with many flavor options such as strawberry, apricot, banana…

5Paturages Fruit Cheese Yogurt

Products imported from France, used for babies from 6 months old, are rated first for their delicious taste, easy to eat and very rich in nutrients.

Paturages yogurt provides nutrients such as protein, a variety of vitamins, calcium, beneficial bacteria … to help children develop comprehensively from height, resistance, digestive system, baby eat better, grow better .

6Ehrmann Monster Backe Yogurt

Product imported from Germany, for babies from 6 months old, box weight 50 g with ingredients rich in minerals, calcium, supplemented with delicious greasy cheese flavor to help babies develop better in height, pepper stabilizes and strengthens the immune system.

There are delicious flavors to choose for your baby such as banana, apricot, strawberry…

Note when giving your baby yogurt

Feed your baby at the right age. Eating yogurt products all have packaging information stating the age that can be used for babies. Mothers note, because there are products that can be used for babies from 3 months old, but other products are used for babies from 6 months old…

– Mom should Refer to the appropriate amount of yogurt according to the baby’s age standard. Giving your baby too much food will be counterproductive, adversely affecting the digestive system. Babies under 1 year old usually use about 50g of yogurt per day.

– When feeding your baby yogurt, do not heat it, it will destroy the beneficial bacteria, and do not let the baby eat too cold, which can easily cause diseases such as sore throat or diarrhea …

Do not give your baby yogurt when hungry because stomach acid will destroy the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, and at the same time cause the stomach to contract strongly, making the baby tired.

– Also, do not eat too close to the main meal, which will make your baby eat less, or not absorb nutrients well.

With the information about the products available, mothers can choose and try to change the taste for their children.