The baby has reached the age of weaning, do you think it is better to choose sweet powder for baby to get used to, or choose salty powder with many easy-to-select flavors to make your baby more appetizing and prevent boredom?

Choose sweet baby powder for baby

Should you choose sweet or salty baby powder?-1

Right time

Baby starts to learn to eat solid foods.


In the first months of life, the only food that your baby is familiar with and always interested in is breast milk or complementary formula. Starting your baby with sweet baby powder makes it easier for your baby to get used to, and also easier to adapt to the baby’s immature digestive system.


Sweet snack powder does not have too many options, mainly starch, cereals combined with milk. It helps the baby get used to it, but in the long run, it will not guarantee the necessary nutrition for the baby.

Choose salty baby powder for baby

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Right time

The time after 3 – 5 months since the baby starts to eat solid foods. At this time, the baby’s digestive system has adapted to the digestion of foods other than milk, the baby can get used to salty powders to stimulate the taste, make eating more appetizing and increase nutrients.


Salty powder has a lot of options: Fruits, vegetables, fish meat, shrimp and crab, mixed powder, etc. Mothers can alternately change them to help their baby’s appetite, fight boredom, and diversify the nutritional ingredients in the meal. baby’s daily diet.


– In the composition of salty weaning powder contains a lot of spices, it is not completely good for baby’s taste and digestive system.

– The formula of mixing ingredients and spices of salty flour makes the baby not fully enjoy the taste of each ingredient, thereby also making the baby quickly feel bored, no longer appetizing with the commonly used flour, easily lead to anorexia and anorexia in many cases.

So should you choose sweet or salty snack powder?

Should you choose sweet or salty baby powder?-3

– First of all, depending on the time of the baby’s weaning, the mother chooses the appropriate powder, so that the baby can easily get used to it and digest it.

– Mothers should alternately change the flavor of powdered ingredients to stimulate the baby’s taste buds, help the baby get enough nutrition, and make sure to help the baby get used to all kinds of foods.

– Mothers can choose a type of powder that does not contain milk, the main ingredient is starch (rice, cereals) so that they can actively prepare it into monosodium glutamate (combined with milk, fruit) or salty powder (combined with milk and fruit) suitable with vegetables, protein of all kinds from meat, fish, shrimp, crab …).

– Mothers should not be too dependent on ready-made weaning powder, let your baby get used to raw foods, eat each type of food separately (rice, cake, vegetables, tubers, fruits,…) so that your baby can practice. chew, practice getting to know and recognize, enjoy the true taste of food, stimulate the digestive system to develop more perfect day 1.

Weaning is a journey, mothers need to learn carefully from the nutritional needs of their children, the adaptability of the baby’s digestive system and the weaning diet so that the baby always has a good appetite, eats quickly, and grows quickly. Good luck mom!

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