Dengue fever is a very dangerous disease that can cause death. So how to prevent this disease? Let’s find the answer through the article below.

Rain is the time when mosquitoes breed and thrive most. Not only causing itching, this insect also contains many dangerous pathogens that are harmful to health, including dengue fever. This disease usually breaks out in the rainy season, it is not transmitted directly from person to person through respiratory droplets or hand-to-hand contact, but will easily be infected if you live in an area with infected people. To prevent illness for yourself and your family, let’s find out what dengue is? Signs of dengue fever and how to prevent it.

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

firstWhat is hemorrhagic fever?

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease that can form epidemics in the area where it occurs. This disease is spread by mosquitoes that transmit the dengue virus from an infected person to a healthy person through a bite. The striped mosquito is black, its body and legs are white spots. Like other mosquitoes, midges often appear in dark corners of the house, on clothing, lay eggs and breed in ponds, lakes, objects or waste containing water.

This disease occurs all year round, especially increases in the rainy season. Dengue fever spreads to both adults and children, but because children’s resistance is often very weak, if they accidentally catch the disease, it will be extremely dangerous. Currently, there is no specific treatment and no vaccine to prevent the disease. So, if a patient has had this disease before, there is a chance that he will get dengue again.

Symptoms of dengue fever:

Dengue fever is present in three forms: mild dengue, bleeding hemorrhagic fever, and dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

Mild hemorrhagic fever:

This is the typical manifestation of symptoms of mild dengue fever:

Sudden high fever from 39-40 degrees Celsius, lasting for 4-7 days from the day after being bitten by a mosquito.

Headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, pain all over the muscles.

Red rash on the body. These erythema may subside 1-2 days after the onset of fever, but may reappear again in the following days.

Hemorrhagic fever with bleeding:

Signs of dengue in this form include all symptoms of mild dengue fever with damage to blood vessels and lymph vessels causing nosebleeds, bleeding in the gums or under the skin, causing bruises. If the above symptoms are not treated promptly, it can lead to death.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever:

This is the most severe form of dengue fever. This form of the disease often occurs in patients who have had dengue fever before. The illness usually turns severe suddenly after 2 to 5 days – this is usually the fever-reducing phase of the illness. This form of disease has a high mortality rate of 30-40% if not taken to a medical center for timely treatment.

2How to prevent dengue fever

Don’t let standing water exist

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

Because Mosquitoes often breed in places like standing water or objects that can hold water such as ponds, jars, barrels, … so we need to remove standing water areas.

Put salt or cooking oil in the water bowls on the foot of the table and cabinet. The water in the vase in the house must be changed regularly.

With Water containers such as jars, buckets, etc. need to be covered with tight lids so that mosquitoes cannot lay eggs.

With unused water containers, they should be turned upside down to ensure that no excess water remains in them after rains.

Clean and collect waste around the house. During this rainy season, any object can become a place of stagnant water, including fragments of potted plants.

Keeping the house clean:

The mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus often live in and around homes. They often gather in standing puddles or objects that can hold water such as jars, barrels, fish ponds, ...Frequently wash and rub items containing water to remove mosquito eggs from sticking to the walls of items. Besides, do not forget to cover so that mosquitoes cannot enter to lay eggs and reproduce.

Collect and decompose waste items in the house as well as around to prevent water from getting inside, clear bushes regularly, turn water containers upside down when not in use.

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

Use mosquito spray:

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

As soon as the house has been cleaned, you should use mosquito spray to spray on the nooks and crannies, where mosquitoes gather a lot to kill off the hateful insects that are growing in your home. . Every week, you should spray 2-3 times and can use more mosquito incense to increase the effectiveness.

Using mosquito incense, mosquito repellant… are popular choices at home and at work.

Apply mosquito repellent It is also a good habit to prevent dengue fever in the rainy season.

Wearing long-sleeved shirt, bright color:

Because midges will be active in the early morning, so when going out, especially in dense, humid areas, don’t forget to wear long-sleeved clothes and choose bright colors like yellow, red, white, .. to avoid attracting the attention of mosquitoes.

Sleeping in a mosquito net:

Many people often do not have the habit of using a mosquito net before going to bed and thinking that sleeping in an air-conditioned room will not be bitten by mosquitoes. This is completely wrong thinking and needs to be changed immediately. Whether you sleep at noon or at night, you should be very careful with the net, paying attention to choose healthy nets, without even a tiny tear because mosquitoes can get in and attack you.

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

Thanks to the spraying government:

If you happen to have dengue fever in your area, immediately report it to the local authorities and ask to send someone to spray insecticide on a large scale.

Danger of dengue fever in the rainy season and how to prevent it for the whole family

Dengue fever is a very dangerous disease, any of us can get it. To protect ourselves as well as those around us, each of us must be aware of the hygiene of the area we live in, and coordinate with local authorities to implement disease prevention policies to prevent disease. larvae do not have the opportunity to develop into midges, causing harm to many people. If you have any of the symptoms that I have mentioned in the article, please immediately go to a reputable medical facility for timely monitoring and treatment.