Chau Doc fish vermicelli is a specialty dish of Chau Doc – An Giang that is loved by many people. This article will show you how to make Western-style fish noodles.

Chau Doc fish noodle soup

30 minutes
30 minutes
Intended for
4 persons

Chau Doc fish noodle dish has attracted many people by the rich flavor of the broth cooked with fresh wormwood and turmeric, adding a piece of snakehead fish that is both sweet and firm, when served with raw vegetables, especially crazy cotton. Classic helps the taste of the dish to increase the deliciousness, making everyone eat once and remember for a lifetime.

firstIngredients for cooking Chau Doc fish noodles

2How to cook Chau Doc fish noodles

Step 1 Process materials

Buy snakehead fish to cut fins, scrape scales, rub salt to remove oil and fishy smell, then wash and dry. Next, use a knife to cut both sides along the backbone of the fish to make it easier to separate the fish bones. Repeat this from the middle of the fish’s belly down to the tail. Then, you cut the fish head so that the fish intestines are attached to the head and then remove the fish bile.

The vegetables you eat with you wash, pick the leaves and cut them finely.

Minced garlic, purple onion, turmeric and wormwood noodles are smashed, and half of lemongrass is minced and half crushed.

Step 2 Cooking broth

Put the pot on the stove and add 2 liters of water, 400ml of coconut water, then add lemongrass, vermicelli, and turmeric to boil. Then put the fish in and boil until When the fish is cooked, take it out.

How to cook Chau Doc fish noodles

Next, take out the dead turmeric, lemongrass, and wormwood noodles, then add 10g of fish sauce mixed with 30ml of water, 10g of seasoning seeds, 5g of salt, 15g of rock sugar, lemongrass, garlic, minced shallot and stir well to dissolve the spices.

Step 3 Split fish bones

How to cook Chau Doc fish vermicelli

Initially, we cut the fish along the backbone of the fish, now the fish meat after cooking has expanded, you just need to gently flip the knife to filter the fish meat out of the fish bones. Then, cut the fish meat into bite-sized pieces. The head of the fish remains the same.

Step 4 Stir-fry fish

How to cook Chau Doc fish vermicelli

Put the pan on the stove, heat it up and then add the cooking oil, add some lemongrass, garlic and minced shallot, then add the boneless fish and sauté until fragrant. Note that Stir fry gently so that the fish is not crushed Please.

At this step you can put the fish in the broth or keep it separate as you like.

Step 5 Finished Product

How to cook Chau Doc fish vermicelli

You boil the fresh vermicelli until it is hot and then put the vermicelli in a bowl, arrange the fish on top, then add the broth, add the dandelion flowers and chopped laksa leaves on top, and our famous Chau Doc fish noodle soup is complete. benevolent. You remember to take advantage of eating while it is still hot to fully enjoy the sweetness from the fish and the delicious taste of the broth.


Chau Doc fish noodle soup served with a variety of herbsChau Doc fish noodle soup served with a variety of herbs

Chau Doc fish vermicelli when eating can be eaten with a variety of herbs and add a little satay to have a moderate spicy taste.

How to make this Chau Doc fish noodle dish is not difficult, right? Remember to save the recipe to have the opportunity to show off your family. Good luck!

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