There is no need to fly to Hanoi, nor do you need to get up at 3 am to still enjoy the recent super hot ancestral bread. This article will show you how to make ancestral bread at home.

When most people were still fast asleep, there was a bakery that was open from 3am to 6am but there were so many people lined up to buy. You guessed it right, it’s the ancestral bread that has caused a fever in the online community for many days and has been eaten and reviewed by countless food bloggers. If you are in Hanoi and want to enjoy this dish, everything will be very easy, but what if you are in Saigon like us and want to enjoy this dish? Then you have to go online to see how to do it yourself.

The origin of the name of this ancestral bread, in addition to being sold at a very special time frame, the shop mainly sells to young people who play late at night or those who do business often have to stay up late and get up early, so that’s why. there’s the name “folk ancestor” guys.

Based on the review clip and photos of the people’s bread, many famous people have “restored” this dish at home according to their own recipes. It must be called a separate recipe because we do not really know the proportion of ingredients in each batch of cake fillings. Even at this bakery, the shopkeepers and uncles only do it by experience and by “hands-on” only. Therefore, we can change the ratio according to our preferences. The important thing needed to make the traditional bread is the ingredients and the way it is processed. After watching a number of videos about this bread dish, Bach Khoa XANH has also found its own way of making this dish, the way to prepare this dish is also simple and the ingredients are extremely easy to find, some are even available. in the house again.

Let’s not be long-winded, this week let’s start to try this traditional bread for our family to enjoy and comment together on whether this dish is delicious, let’s work together.

Click here to see detailed instructions on how to make this traditional bread.

Ingredients for 10 people to eat

How to make ancestral bread

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Sausages are fried with water Let it be cooked, fried in this way will cook evenly and very delicious, not much oil, this is Phunudaily’s own secret. hihi, after frying, you cut it into thin pieces to eat.

– Spring rolls and spring rolls you bring to thin slices, in fact, in the original people’s bread, there was no such thing as spring rolls, but when I tried When I add more spring rolls, my filling is much better, it’s crispy, crunchy, chewy, and very delicious.

How to make ancestral bread

– Cut the onion into bite-sized pieces.

– The scallions you cut into small pieces like this, cilantro, you cut them up.

– Cucumber you cut into long pieces.

Step 2: Stir-fry the bread

First you put the pan on the stove and heat it up first, then put in a little butter, wait for the butter to melt, then add the onions and sauté until the onions are soft.

How to make ancestral bread

When the onions have started to soften, add about 1/2 jar of Tuong An butter and 6 eggs, remember Always stir so that the eggs don’t thicken Please. Another very important note, starting from this step, lower the heat very low so that the eggs do not dry out.

Next, you add 500g of pate and mix it up, if you like it, you can add more, it’s okay.

Continue to add sausages, pork rolls and sausages and then add dry pork and mix well, wait until the eggs are cooked, note that the eggs should not be overcooked, the filling will be dry and not delicious. where are you guys, the standard ancestral bread is the egg part that must be a bit wet!

Step 3: Make the bread

How to make ancestral bread

Put cucumber, some cilantro and scallions inside the loaf, then you put a lot of filling in, spray a little more chili sauce to enjoy.

Finished Product

This dish looks ugly, but it’s delicious and full of flavor, take a bite of bread, the filling mixes all kinds of flavors such as spring rolls, sausages, chicken eggs, dried pork… the aroma of butter, onion sweetness. Everything seemed to melt in the mouth to form a wonderful symphony that only “Bread of the Ancestors” could have.

Bread is eaten a lot, but this type of bread wants to eat authentically, you have to go to far away Hanoi, don’t worry because now there is a super delicious and extremely simple recipe of Phunudaily to guide you, why do you still Haven’t started working yet.

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