Hoi An gravy is a highly popular and appealing drink. Today, let’s join GREEN Bach Hoa in the kitchen to prepare a refreshing Hoi An drink to cool down on a summer day!

10 minutes
20 minutes
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3-4 people

Hoi An boasts a diverse and flavorsome cuisine. Gourd – a refreshing and flavorful drink – is undoubtedly worth mentioning when it comes to Hoi An. If you wish to learn how to make Hoi An gravy, let’s head to the kitchen with Bach Hoa XANH!

First Ingredients for making Hoi An gravy

Ingredients for making Hoi An gravyIngredients for making Hoi An gravy

Good tip
– When purchasing lemongrass, opt for fresh branches rather than dry ones. Fresh lemongrass should possess a distinct aroma and remain unyellowed or crushed. Avoid purchasing wilted or soft lemongrass stems as they indicate old lemongrass, which won’t result in a delicious outcome when cooked.
– Choose lemons with glossy and thin skin, giving off a succulent appearance. The lemons should feel firm in your hand and release essential oils when lightly pressed, indicating their freshness.
– When selecting fresh ginger, choose dark-colored ones with rough skin and numerous ridges on the crust.

2 How to cook Hoi An gravy

Step 1 Prepare the ingredients

After purchasing lemongrass, remove the roots and green tops, then wash and cut them into medium pieces before smashing them. Similarly, wash the ginger, scrape off the outer skin, and cut it into thin pieces.

Rinse and drain the remaining ingredients.

Prepare the ingredientsPrepare the ingredients

Step 2 Boil the herbs

Start by boiling 3 liters of filtered water. Once boiling, add 70g of smashed lemongrass, 2g of cinnamon stick, 5g of licorice, and 20g of ginger to the pot, then continue cooking on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, add 3g of dried lemon and 10g of dried lotus leaf to the pot, then stir well. Cook for an additional 10 minutes on medium heat until it boils, then turn off the heat.

Boil the herbsBoil the herbs

Step 3 Remove the residue and add rock sugar

Upon turning off the stove, use a strainer to remove any residue in the pot. Then, add 120g of rock sugar to the pot and stir well. Turn on the stove and boil for an additional 2 minutes over medium heat.

After boiling, turn off the stove and let the water cool completely. Add 30ml of lemon juice to the pot, stir well, and you’re done.

Remove the residue and add rock sugarRemove the residue and add rock sugar

Step 4 Finished Product

Crush the ice into small pieces and place it in a glass. Pour the prepared drink into the glass and decorate it with a lotus petal and a green tea leaf to enhance its beauty.

The completed Hoi An juice possesses an incredibly enticing aroma and a visually appealing golden color.

Finished ProductFinished Product

3 Enjoy

There you have it – the finished Hoi An juice! When you drink it, you’ll experience its aromatic, sweet, and refreshing flavors. The delightful and cool aftertaste of Hoi An gravy will leave you feeling extremely satisfied.


With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy a glass of incredibly enticing Hoi An juice right away! It’s easy, isn’t it? Head to the kitchen and showcase your skills now!

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