Corona beer has attractive colors, unique flavors, and creates the strongest impression from the enjoyment style. If you don’t know, haven’t heard and haven’t tried it, check out the best way to drink Corona beer!

Corona beer is a pale beer, from Mexico and loved by beer drinkers in more than 150 countries for its unique taste and way of enjoying. Have you tried enjoying Corona beer the right way?

firstEnjoy Corona beer the traditional way – Chilled

Chill the glass beer bottle in the ice jar, or in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before enjoying. Beer taste with passionate tequila flavor, light alcohol content creates a feeling of refreshment and freshness when enjoying every sip of cold beer.

Enjoy Corona beer in the traditional way to truly feel the natural flavor, more gas but very mild, of Corona’s unique low-temperature beer fermentation recipe.

2Enjoy Corona beer straight from the bottle, along with salt and fresh lemon slices

This is the way enjoyed by locals and many Corona beer lovers around the world.

Open the Corona bottle cap with a tool, sprinkle on the mouth of the bottle a little sea salt or a seasoning from table salt, put a slice of fresh lemon on the mouth of the bottle, squeeze the lemon juice into the bottle.

You gently push the lemon slice into the neck of the bottle, shake it gently to mix the beer more evenly and enjoy.

With this way of enjoying, Corona beer bursts into a fresher, richer, more refreshing taste, stimulates the taste buds more deeply, great for hot days or enjoying beer outdoors, on a sunny beach…

3Drink Corona concoction

In addition to enjoying with sea salt and lemon, you can try to make Corona beer according to some other recipes to refresh the taste, and feel more subtle in the taste of Corona beer.

First, chill your Corona beer. After the beer has chilled, proceed to brew according to some popular recipes:

Make cold Corona with lemon, Tabasco chili sauce, tomato juice, salt and/or pepper. They will enhance the flavor of the beer, and will probably delight you. If adding more than one ingredient, use a mixing cup to mix more evenly. You can try mixing each ingredient with a small amount of Corona beer to test its taste.

Make Corona Red with 1 small cup of vodka and 1 teaspoon of pomegranate syrup, 1 slice of lemon and 7/8 bottles of Corona. Can be mixed directly in the Corona bottle, you add the ingredients, block the mouth of the bottle with your thumb, slowly turn the beer bottle upside down a few times. Or to keep it simple, mix it up with a cup or mixing bowl.

Mixing Mexican Bulldog Margarita: By adding about 30 ml of tequila, 200 – 300 ml of the margarita mix and 8-10 ice cubes to a blender, puree the ingredients and then mix them with about 500 ml of Corona beer, you will have a delicious drink with bold flavor. Traditional Mexican flavors.

Either way, users who have tried Corona beer are also quite impressed with its taste. The most delicious and easy to enjoy, must still be Corona with a little salt and a slice of fresh lemon.

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