What’s better than a meal on a hot summer day with a cool and refreshing mussel soup? Let’s learn how to cook mussels soup with this article.

Mussels soup with mangosteen

20 minutes
15 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

Mussels and spinach soup is a rustic but delicious dish that often appears in family meals. This soup is also very simple and quick to make.

firstIngredients to make mussels and spring rolls soup

Ingredients to make mussels and spring rolls soupIngredients to make mussels and spring rolls soup

2How to make mussels and spring rolls soup

Step 1 Process materials

Normally, when buying mussels, the seller has already split the shell, you just need to put the mussels in the basket and gently stir in the water to remove sand and impurities.

I bought the scallions to pick up the young shoots and leaves, wash them and then dry them. Scallions are washed and cut into small pieces, ginger is thinly sliced.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Cook soup

Put the pot on the stove and add the cooking oil, when the oil is hot, add 1 part green onion stir-fry fragrant (don’t let onions turn yellow).

Next, put the mussels on the island quickly with high heat and then add in 1 pinch of salt and pepper. Then, pour water into the pot so that it is enough for 1 bowl of soup and then add ginger and green onions.

When the water is boiling Add seasoning to taste Then add the vegetables and cook over high heat. When the vegetables are cooked, turn off the heat.

  Cook soup Cook soup

Step 3 Finished Product

With just a few simple steps, you have a cool, delicious soup right away. When the soup is cooked, you Put it in a bowl, sprinkle some pepper to make the soup more fragrant.

Finished ProductFinished Product


Mussels and spinach soup is a delicious soup with a very good cooling effect, suitable for regular presence in family meals. The taste of spinach mixed with fatty mussel meat is very attractive and strange.

Mussel soup with mangosteenMussel soup with mangosteen

Hopefully with the sharing just now, you will successfully make mussel soup to treat your family.