Students were poisoned by using “school milk”, the “controversies” about the quality of the brand’s milk sponsoring this program could not help but make parents worry about their health and physical safety. children when participating in the “school milk” program at school.

Good aim – Poor control

School Milk Program

The “School milk” program has been implemented since July 2016 based on the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1340/QD-TTg in order to contribute to the improvement of malnutrition among Vietnamese children.

This program is being deployed across the country, mainly focusing on preschools and grade 1 primary schools. Parents have to bear 35% of the cost, the rest is sponsored by businesses and paid by the State budget.

However, recently, many school poisoning cases have been linked to drinking milk. Typically, the Vietnam Education Electronic Newspaper reported that, after lunch on March 2 (with Nutifood milk), 73 students from Pham Van Dong Primary School, Phu Loc Commune, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai had to admitted to the emergency room with vomiting and diarrhea.

Two days later, Dong Nai Department of Education and Training issued a written request to all schools in the area to stop the “school milk” program.

Previously, on October 27, 2017, hundreds of students in Nga Bay Town (Hau Giang) who were given free milk from the MC advertising company authorized by Nestle Vietnam also had vomiting and had to enter the hospital. institute.

In addition, there is more than one information from consumers that reflects or denounces the quality of the sponsored brand’s milk.

All of this makes consumers, people, parents and teachers… question the quality and value of the “school milk” program for children!

The quality of milk brought into schools cannot be left open

The quality of school milk cannot be left open forever!

With many “incidents” already, the children were only supported for treatment, compensation and continued to return to life and school. As for the supplier, sponsoring this very meaningful program, the consequences after the “incident” are not clear, there is almost no proper handling.

From the perspective of parents of students with young children participating in the “school milk” program, whether or not they are entangled in a poisoning incident, try to ask for their trust to continue to keep their children participating in the program. Is this national program still available?

I think, it is only necessary to tighten the management stage, to put a heavy emphasis on responsibility for the physical, mental and intellectual development of the country’s “preschools” so that Vietnamese children are no longer a “fulcrum”. for businesses to polish their brands instead of taking real action for the benefit of people and society.

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