If you can summarize the results in one sentence, you can answer the consequences when children lack space and time to play: “Children cannot develop comprehensively”!

The process of active play is the process in which children approach and learn a lot of things from the world around them. From the ability to observe, analyze and solve situations to the ability to communicate, share, empathize…

That is, when active and healthy, children not only enhance their health and resistance, but also help them develop and improve life skills.

first What happens when children lack play space?

Lack of common playground, or less safe playground This is the reality of many families with young children living in urban areas and apartment buildings.

No outdoor play space, leading to children confined to limited space (like indoors). Worse would beMake friends and have fun with technology devices such as TV, phone, tablet, etc.

Entertainment with technology devices such as TVs, phones, tablets ...

When children are exposed to technology devices a lot, their eyesight will be gradually weakened, which will adversely affect children’s ability to observe and absorb with everything around.

According to Medical Doctor Denize Atansenior lecturer in ophthalmology at the University of Bristol (UK) said:Myopia has a rapid increase and has become a global disease“.

Vision will be gradually weakened, which will adversely affect the child's ability to observe and absorb everything around.

When caught up in the tempting online world, children are spoiled for visual gratification, and forget everything around, making children become more passive, lazy and slow.

The habit of inactivity also affects physical development, even in childhood and adolescence. Inactive bones and muscles will be less flexible and active, not developed optimally, the body’s resistance is weak, the reaction is slow, and it is easy to get sick. Children will Poor physical development and increased risk of obesity due to inactivity.

Children will develop poorly physically and increase the risk of obesity because of inactivity.

In the long run, will form children’s habits and character, they will rarely share, lazy to communicate, live in isolation, selfish, lazy to communicate, insensitive to all things and events around them.

  rarely share, lazy to communicate, live in isolation, selfish, lazy to communicate, insensitive to all things and events around them.

Dr. Peter Gray – Research Professor of Psychology at Boston College recommends: “The decline in children’s opportunities to play is also accompanied by a decrease in empathy and an increase in selfishness.”

Strong influence on children's cognitive and behavioral development

Not to mention, entertainment in the virtual world contains unpredictable dangers from Unhealthy games, depraved, violent entertainment content have a strong influence on the cognitive and behavioral development of children. While in reality, leaving children free in the online world, parents are really difficult to control.

2 Consequences of lack of play time

Children lack play time, the main reason is “to learn”. Children study day, night study, from regular to extra lessons, tutoring, gifted learning, time to go home to solve assignments and review lessons…

The busy school schedule makes the child lack of time to rest and relax. mentally tired, physically weak, leading to a lot of learning but poor absorption and difficulty concentrating.

Mental fatigue, body weakness, leading to a lot of learning but poor absorption and difficulty concentrating.

Children’s play time is also minimized for learning. Learning a lot but not having fun, that is contrary to the natural needs of the child’s body.

Many young children think that they feel tired, depressed, pressured with the unchanging rhythm of life and less excited with their day-to-day life.

Dr. Peter Gray stated:: “Children’s freedom to play is reduced, mental disorders in children appear more and more. (…) The syndrome “Universal anxiety disorder” and “severe childhood depression has skyrocketed.”

It is not difficult to find statistics on the increase in the rate of children suffering from depression, autism, mental disorders and also the number of children and young people who are contemplating suicide. The reason is from the pressure of life and study created by the family and society.

3 Advice for parents

If you look back, parents must see that their children’s childhoods are really too disadvantaged compared to their parents’ childhoods.

Also from Dr. Gray, if parents really love their children and want them to grow up healthy and full, they should Give them a chance to have fun rather than taking them away, forcing them to conform to their own framework.

Thus, instead of forcing them to study too much, or letting children freely entertain on technology devices, create conditions for them to outdoor sports activities.

Advice for parents

Children need time to relax, have fun to stimulate brain development and enhance creativity. (According to Max vigier – French education and career consultant).

Every day, children need at least 2-3 hours to have fun and exercise. There are many forms of healthy entertainment, worth noting such as:

– Visit the zoo, watch books or programs with your parents about the natural world and wildlife.

– Have fun at the park in the evening or on weekends.

– Summer vacation for the children to rest and relax.

– Let your child participate in skill development courses.

– Pay special attention to the hours of fun, confiding and sharing at home.

Parents should also not let their children have too much exposure to electronic devices spend time playing, as well as teach children more. From there, children will develop more comprehensively.

Take time to play, as well as teach children more.  From there, children will develop more comprehensively.

When you are free to explore and explore, you are not only healthier and happier, but your intellectual potential is limitless.

Changing children’s future from now on depends a lot on the views and actions of parents.

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