Saigon Beer, a brand that has a strong foothold in the Vietnamese beverage business, is also a popular beer brand among consumers. Connoisseurs must know each sub-brand of Saigon beer. What about you, do you know how many types it has?

There are brands that have been around for more than 20 years, there are brands that are still quite “young” compared to that number, but all Saigon beer brands, from Saigon Lager, Saigon Export, beer 333 to Saigon Special are exactly the same. Serving customers in a unique way…

firstAbout Saigon beer brand

About Saigon beer brandAbout Saigon beer brand

Saigon beer brand – Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Joint Stock Corporation also known as SABECO (Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Joint Stock Corporation) is a joint stock enterprise in Vietnam.

Saigon beer has experienced 142 years of origin history, 40 years of brand building and development, the pride of the Vietnamese people. Saigon beer with unique flavor becomes an indispensable part of the daily happy and sad life of Vietnamese people.

Currently, SABECO has develop more than 10 product lines Saigon Lager 450, Saigon Export, Saigon Special, Saigon Lager 355, 333 Premium, Lac Viet, 333, Saigon Special, Saigon Lager, Lac Lac Viet fully meets the needs of customers.

2Saigon Beers

Saigon Lager Beer – Green Saigon

Saigon Lager is the oldest brand of Saigon Beerhas been on the market for more than 20 years and has always received the favor of consumers.

Saigon Lager comes in bottles of 450 ml, 20 bottles/plastic bins or cans of 330 ml, 24 cans/cartons. Strong, refreshing beer flavorbest enjoyed when chilled at 10 – 12 degrees Celsius.

Saigon Lager does not cause dehydration or headaches after drinking, Light alcohol content at 4.3%.

Saigon Lager Beer - Green SaigonSaigon Lager Beer – Green Saigon

Beer Saigon Export – Saigon Red

Popular beer brand special and best consumed in the provinces from the Central to the SouthAt the same time, being exported to more than 18 countries around the world, Saigon Export Saigon Export is evaluated: “No slick, no noise, no fuss, no need to be ostentatious, drink to understand”.

In other words, Saigon Export conquers diners from taste and quality.

Beer uses traditional fermentation technology for stable quality over time, beer taste suitable for the majority of people to enjoy, not being picky, beer concentration at 4.9%the most intense flavor when chilled at 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Saigon Export uses the bottle specification of 355 ml, 20 bottles/plastic box.

Beer Saigon Export - Saigon RedBeer Saigon Export – Saigon Red

Beer 333

It can be said that beer 333 is the most successful brand among Saigon beer brands, which is warmly received by consumers and highly appreciated both for packaging design, taste, and price. chief.

Beer 333 has a stronger alcohol content than the two above, at 5.3%, bold flavor is very suitable for men. The product is bottled with the label 333 Premium and is especially popular in the can of 333 Export with a capacity of 330 ml/can.

Beer 333 is currently exported to more than 17 countries including demanding markets.

Beer 333Beer 333

Saigon Special Beer – Dwarf Saigon

Worthy of the name, Saigon Special is special both in packaging design and product quality.

With a “dwarf bottle” with a masculine but luxurious design, an impressive color scheme, not colorful but very prominent, Saigon Special conquers the eyes of consumers.

This special beer line is made from 100% barley with a new technological line combining traditional fermentation methods, alcohol content 4.9% creating a very unique flavor, familiar but still very fresh.

Saigon Special seems to target the dynamic youth market, but captures most men’s hearts.

Saigon Special uses bottled and canned specifications with a capacity of 330ml.

Saigon Special Beer - Dwarf SaigonSaigon Special Beer – Dwarf Saigon

Beer Saigon Chill

Originating from the trends among young people in recent years, in 2020, Sabeco Group has launched a beer with a special name, Saigon Chill beer. Chill means comfortable, pleasant, associated with the lifestyle of many young people.

Beer is produced by a unique fermentation formula at -2 degrees Celsius, with ingredients such as: water, barley malt, grains, hops. Saigon Chill Beer has alcohol content at 4.6%, does not contain harmful additives for health.

When enjoying, you will feel Delicious taste, easy to drinksuitable for both women over 18 years old.

Saigon Chill beer is bottled with a capacity of 330ml/bottle, 24 bottles/case and cans of 330ml, 6 cans/lot, 24 cans/carton, creating a variety for you to choose from.

Beer Saigon ChillBeer Saigon Chill

Each brand is its own unique color and flavor that is shaped by the producer in the subconscious of consumers, but the familiarity and good quality that Saigon’s beer products bring to consumers cannot be denied. Vietnamese consumption.

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