There are two common types of cheese on the market today, drinking cheese and eating cheese. So is the quality of these two different and which one should be used for the baby? Please refer to the article below.

Not only is the ingredient that makes the dish more attractive and delicious, cheese is also classified as a very good food for the body. With abundant calcium, vitamin D and essential minerals, cheese helps bones develop strong, avoid osteoporosis in the elderly.

Not to mention, inside this food also contains many different types of microorganisms, when added to the body, it will support to destroy pathogenic bacteria.

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To meet the tastes, preferences and needs of users, there are currently two types of cheese on the market, namely drinking cheese and eating cheese. So, is there any difference between these two types, let’s find out right away.

firstDifference between drinking cheese and eating cheese

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About the shape

Because it is a product line used for drinking, drinking cheese will be liquid, slightly opaque yellow; and eaten cheese is usually cubed or made into thin slices, quite soft, has 2 colors, yellow and white, depending on the type, it will have different colors and different shapes.

Eaten cheese in the form of cubes or thin rectangular slices

About the ingredients

The main ingredient that makes cheese drink is fresh milk with milk fat, minerals and cheese yeast, so this drink provides quite a lot of vitamin D3, good for the intestines and effectively supports bone development.

If drinking cheese only uses cheese yeast, eating cheese uses up to 38% of fresh cheese with other fattening and sweet ingredients such as butter, skimmed milk powder, natural flavorings for personal use. food.

Main use

If eating cheese is a common ingredient in recipes such as sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, bread, grilled chicken with cheese, cheese flan… then cheese is a meal. Perfect supplement, can substitute for fresh milk if you can’t drink this food.

It can be said that, Drinking cheese is a perfect choice for those who can’t eat cheese because of its fatness. With inherent nutrients, this drink will provide the body with abundant energy and restore strength after a long day of activities.

2Which one should I use for my baby?

Through the differences that I have synthesized, one thing can be seen that, whether drinking or eating cheese contains the same amount of nutrients and is good for health. So, you can change it continuously to make your baby’s meal menu richer and more diverse.

A little tip for moms, if you don’t have many ideas in thinking of cheese recipes for your baby’s snacks, you can replace it with drinking cheese, which is compact, easy to carry without losing much. processing effort.

Hopefully, the information that I have shared can help you better understand eating cheese and drinking cheese, so that you can choose the right one for your baby.

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