Shrimp and chicken are two foods that are often present in the diets of children and family members. However, not all mothers know when and when not to feed their children shrimp and chicken.

When coughing

Usually when children have a cough, mothers will abstain from giving their children fishy foods, especially shrimp and chicken, because the notion that shrimp shells and chicken have many fibers cause itchy necks, making children cough more.

According to MSc Le Thi Hai, Former Director of the Center for Nutrition Examination and Consulting – National Institute of Nutrition, this is completely wrong. By:

+ Cough is caused by a disease, not by eating.

+ In contrast, seafood such as shrimp, crab, fishrich in protein, Easy to digest, nutritional supplement very good for children.

+ Chicken contains a lot of Protein and Zinc, especially Zinc plays an important role in participating in the immune system, Helps increase children’s resistance.

Thus, it is not advisable to abstain from shrimp and chicken when children cough, on the contrary, mothers should give their children more chicken to strengthen their resistance, as well as shrimp to help children supplement the necessary nutrients.

Mistakes to avoid when feeding your children shrimp and chicken

Remove the shell and head of the shrimp

Also according to Dr. Hai, although in Shrimp meat still contains calciumbut their main nutritional composition is Proteinfollowed by The shell and head of shrimp still contain quite a lot of calcium.

But most mothers peel and remove shrimp heads when feeding children, because they think the hard shell has no nutrients, making it difficult for children to eat.

Best mom should choose to buy small shrimp or peeled shrimphas a thinner, softer shell so that children can eat shrimp including the shell.

Mistakes to avoid when feeding your children shrimp and chicken

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Reference information:

Shrimp and chicken are both good for children, if you are worried that shrimp shells will easily choke your child, you can choose small shrimp or peeled shrimp to help children eat whole.

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