Weaning is an important period that affects the baby’s brain and physical development. Please refer to the way to combine baby food for weaning that Bach Khoa GREEN has synthesized!

Snack powder with fruit

These are suitable formulas for babies from Start weaning until 7-8 months old. At this time, to get used to the baby should only eat all kinds of food Weaning powder has a sweet taste, cooked thin. In addition to powdered baby food, parents can combine more fruits for the baby to supplement vitamins and necessary minerals.

Weaning powder combined with fruit to add vitamins and minerals for babies

Mothers can combine the following recipes: apple sauce with flour, ripe bananas and avocado, pear sauce with powdered snacks, pumpkin mixed with yogurt and flour, pear sauce – apples with blueberries, …

Porridge or meal powder with meats, eggs

Babies from 8 months of age on have a stronger digestive system, plus increased nutritional needs, parents should feed babies. salty powder and combined with fresh meats such as pork, beef, chicken, frog, …

Combine powdered food with fresh meat for babies from 8 months old

Pork and beef Can be combined with foods such as pumpkin, zucchini, amaranth, spinach, water spinach, water spinach, celery, carrots, potatoes, beans of all kinds, tomatoes, mushrooms, cabbage. , cabbage,…

White meat like chicken also contains a lot of nutrients, can be cooked with straw mushrooms, cheese, cilantro, eggs, yolks, etc.

Meal meal with seafood

In addition to meat, to change the taste as well as add minerals and calcium for the baby, parents can also give the baby a thin powder or porridge cooked with seafood. Try cooking a little to see if your baby is allergic to any seafood or to see if he likes the taste.

Weaning powder combined with seafood to supplement calcium and adequate minerals for babies

Shrimp can be cooked with zucchini, yams, cheese, pumpkin, spinach, jute, peas, water spinach, amaranth, melon, etc. Crab It is also possible to combine foods similar to shrimp.

Fish also contains many nutrients for babies such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, snakehead, ...

There are many types of fish that contain many nutrients for babies, in which fish are often given to babies by mothers as: red snapper, snakehead, mackerel, salmon. These fish are very nutritious, you just need to combine more vegetables like water spinach and cheese to create a delicious taste.

In addition, to change the baby’s taste, the mother can also give the baby puree or porridge with eelcooked with taro, spinach or cilantro, green beans, etc.

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The above are recipes that are synthesized to help parents in making a menu for their baby to eat solids. Hope this article will be useful to you. Follow Bach Hoa XANH’s articles to get more useful information!

Reference source: Dinhduong.online

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