The toilet is a place that contains a lot of bacteria, and over time, these bacteria accumulate and create unsightly and unhygienic yellow stains. Today, I want to share an effective method to whiten the toilet using baking soda. While there are many convenient chemical cleaners available, they can be expensive and may corrode the porcelain enamel of the toilet. Therefore, using manual cleaning methods with baking soda is recommended for safety and savings. Let’s learn how to whiten the toilet with baking soda.

Firstly, what do baking soda and vinegar do? Besides being used in cooking, baking soda and vinegar are also commonly used for home cleaning purposes such as deodorizing, bleaching clothes, cleaning pots and pans, and washing machines. Baking soda has cleaning properties and when combined with vinegar (a strong acidic substance), they form the “perfect” duo for removing stains, grime, and plaque on household appliances, including toilets.

Here’s how to whiten a toilet with baking soda and vinegar:

1. Start by preparing the necessary tools.

2. Before cleaning, make sure to wear gloves to protect your skin and prevent bacteria from clinging to your hands.

3. Flush the toilet to wet the inside surfaces of the toilet bowl.

4. Slowly sprinkle baking soda into the toilet bowl, and then slowly pour in vinegar. As you pour vinegar, you will notice a foaming reaction, which is a normal chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar.

5. Close the lid of the toilet and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, you can clean and sanitize the external surfaces of the toilet.

6. Use a brush to evenly rub the insides of the toilet bowl. The stains and plaque will have softened, making it easier to clean.

7. Finally, flush the toilet again.

After cleaning the toilet bowl, remember to wash your hands with hand sanitizer to eliminate bacteria completely and ensure the safety of your hands.

Apart from cleaning the toilet, you can also use baking soda and vinegar to clean your washing machine. Both substances will flow through every part of the drum, removing dirt, mold, and preventing the growth of bacteria.

Here’s how to clean your washing machine with baking soda and vinegar:

1. Prepare the necessary tools.

2. For top-load washing machines, fill the tub with hot water at around 40 degrees Celsius (do not add clothes). Then, add 3-4 cups of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. For front-load washing machines, add baking soda and vinegar in the same ratio and add hot water.

3. Turn on the washing, soaking, or tub self-cleaning mode on your washing machine dashboard to dissolve the baking soda and vinegar completely.

4. Once the water is drained, use a clean towel to absorb the remaining water inside the machine. Open the door to let the inside dry completely.

Cleaning the toilet with baking soda and vinegar, as well as using baking soda for other cleaning purposes like removing stains from colored clothes, treating dandruff, cleaning shoes, and deodorizing the refrigerator, are all simple and effective methods. These methods are cost-efficient and safe. Give them a try and experience the benefits.

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