Understanding the needs of parents, many products to protect children’s health were born. Newborn pads are also included in this product line. But how to choose and use it to suit your baby, let’s find out the article below with Phunudaily.

Newborn pads

Is a product line in the form of rectangular pads, newborn pads compact, good absorbencykeeping children’s hygiene, trusted by many mothers.

With their absorbency, soft surface, they are suitable for children’s skin does not leave red pits.

Newborn skin is quite thin, easily irritated, so pads will be much more suitable, because they no scratches or red marks on the thighs like some diapers.

Not only that, newborn pads have low cost much more, so the mother can often replace the baby and save money.

Absorbent, gentle newborn pads for babies' skin

4 characteristics mothers need to pay attention to

Soft: When choosing to buy, you should pay attention to the composition of the product, the product is made of cotton, soft foam will achieve maximum softness. When used, the soothing feeling is good for children’s sleep.

Ventilation: Cotton fibers are soft but can hardly be cool, so a structure with ventilation grooves is essential. Even though it is soaked with water, the pad still gives the baby a comfortable feeling, not getting wet.

Absorbent: Quite a few product lines, although well absorbent, still have the ability to reflux. Therefore, mothers need to pay attention, if the product is prone to reflux, it should be changed immediately after the child cleans 1-2 times. Or choose for your child a product line that absorbs quickly, prevents spills and absorbs back.

Comfortable in motion: Some products will easily move, making noise when children move. Thus, children do not sleep deeply, affecting health. Mothers should choose products that hug the body, make no noise, and give children the most comfortable feeling.

Choosing to buy newborn pads must ensure they are soft, breathable, absorbent, comfortable to move


Newborns have sensitive skin that is easily irritated with the external environment. Mothers should buy products from reputable brands, ensure quality, avoid hurting young skin.

Despite the ability to absorb, but newborn pads are not like diapers, mothers should change them often.

Clean the baby carefully after each change.

Pads do not absorb a lot of water from diapers, moms should change them often

Currently, there are quite a few product lines of newborn diapers, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Mothers should be careful when choosing to buy, ensuring children are using the most appropriate products.

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