Moony diapers is a Japanese diaper brand trusted by many Vietnamese mothers, with a variety of products according to each stage of baby’s development. Below is information about the sizes of Moony diapers suitable for each stage of your baby’s development.

Based on each stage of baby’s development such as from birth to kicking, flipping, sitting, crawling and walking, Moony diapers design the most suitable products for your baby, so that your baby is comfortable in your baby’s life. all movement, freedom to develop and perfect.

firstChoose Moony diapers for babies

Choose Moony diapers according to your baby's development

Moony diapers are designed with Soft structure and snug fit along the C . curve Naturally of the baby’s skeleton, Moony diapers wrap around the baby’s body to fit the baby’s body, with the entire back flexible and safe, safe for the child’s skeleton without worrying about overflowing.

Products have Elastic waistband is very comfortable for baby from lying, supine to movement positions.

Products include:

Choose Moony diapers according to your baby's development

Newborn size for babies from birth to 5 kgthe whole back of the diaper is elastic and flexible, hugging the baby’s back to prevent spills.

Size S for the period when the baby’s neck is strong, about 4 – 8 kgsimilar to a newborn diaper with a full back of the diaper that is elastic and comfortable for natural movement, with a spill-proof liquid stool compartment.

Size M for babies 6-11 kg In the stage of learning to turn over, practice sitting, good absorption, not worry about spilling even in the prone position.

Size L for 9-14 kg babyWhen your baby learns to crawl, learn to walk, the comfortable stretchy design will give your baby the freedom to experiment with new and safe positions with every first step in life.

2Choose Moony pants diapers for babies

Moony diapers are confident diapers Give your baby top comfort, snug fit According to the natural skeleton system with good spill resistance, the baby’s belly is always protected with an elastic back covering the waist, not worrying about the gap causing overflow, not afraid of the diaper moving but very comfortable for the baby.

Choose Moony diapers according to your baby's development

Especially, with Moony pants diapers, the ability Absorbs urine up to 12 hoursGive your baby a good night’s sleep.

Note, however, that mothers should still change the baby’s litter regularly to ensure the hygiene and safety of the infant’s health.

Moony pants diapers include the following sizes:

Choose Moony diapers according to your baby's development

Moony diaper pants size M: For baby 6 – 11 kg, Baby at the stage of crawling, learning to walk.

Moony diaper pants size L: for baby 9-14 kgthe stage when the baby can walk, keeps the baby comfortable in all movements.

Moony diaper pants size XL for grown children, about 12-22 kg. At this stage, parents should practice the habit of going to the toilet by the hour, using diapers only to support the baby at night, helping the baby get a full night’s sleep to benefit the development of height and brain.

With the leading reliable product origin, Moony Japanese diapers must be a good choice of mothers for their babies, from the newborn stage and up to each stage of the child’s development. Using Moony diapers, mothers can rest assured that their children will grow up in the most gentle, safe and comfortable embrace. Come to the GREEN Department Store to find a variety of diapers such as Japanese Moony diapers, Merries diapers, … for babies!

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