Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common and common disease in children, so prevention as well as child care is a necessity of parents. Let’s go with Bach Hoa Xanh to pocket a few good tips below.

According to medical experts, around April, May and October, when the weather changes, it is the peak of hand, foot and mouth disease in children. Therefore, if the child is unfortunately infected, the mother should also know the necessary things so that the child’s illness does not become worse. Here are Some foods that children should eat to heal faster.

firstLiquid, soft, well-cooked foods

When the child is sick Children should be given soft, liquid foods such as porridge or soup for children to easily absorb as well as easier to eat No pain in the oral cavity. It is absolutely necessary to avoid raw and unhygienic foods because children will easily be infected with more bacteria.

Combination of tapioca flour Add to your child’s daily soups to cool him or her down Eat a lot of papaya because of its sweet and soft taste As well as being rich in vitamins, it will help soothe sores in the oral cavity, strengthen the immune system and support the treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease in children.

Give your baby soft, liquid foods like porridge or soupGive your baby soft, liquid foods like porridge or soup

2Refreshing, cooling food

During the time of infection, the child’s body is already hot inside, mothers should pay attention Cool foods, clear heat to help children cool down well and quickly recover from illness.

Eggs are recommended to be used in daily meals, because they are rich in protein, protein and minerals, as well as eggs, they feel soft when eaten, do not aggravate ulcers and do not cause children to feel pain during the process. chewing process. Should combine more types cool vegetable soup, clear heat like papaya soup, squash soup, pumpkin soup, ..

Should combine more types of vegetable soup, cool and cool Should combine more types of vegetable soup, cool and cool

3Give your child plenty of water to drink

Children should drink lots of water To eliminate toxins better, besides, it is necessary to pay attention to foods that provide vitamins such as yogurt, fresh milk, fruit juice, … to increase children’s resistance, support against diseases.

Especially drinks from oranges, lemons, grapefruits or red fruits such as watermelons, tomatoes, etc. contain a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A, which will heal damage quickly, help strengthen the immune system. pandemic.

Children should drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins betterChildren should drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins better

4Eat ice cream or cold drink

Eat ice cream or cold drinkEat ice cream or cold drink

According to Dr. Nguyen Thuong Hanh, similar to the cool and refreshing foods, children eat ice cream or cold drinks to help ease the pain of sores around the mouth. Besides, cold drinks on the child’s body will feel cooler and cooler in the body.

5Some notes when children have hand, foot and mouth disease

According to Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Department of Pediatrics, Bach Mai Hospital, said that many parents often wonder what to eat when their children are sick? Many parents force their children to abstain from everything such as water spinach, eggs, seafood, … so that their children can quickly recover from illness and avoid scarring.

Some notes when children have hand, foot and mouth diseaseSome notes when children have hand, foot and mouth disease

– Job Such excessive fasting is not right. The fact that the child is sick will make it difficult for the child to eat and lazy to eat, so the mother still abstains from giving her child this food, does not allow her to eat that food, will lead to the child not being provided with enough nutrients and unable to cope. diseases.

– Parents It is necessary to coax the baby to eat a full range of nutrients. For nursing babies, mothers need feed the baby enough to avoid dehydration and malnutrition.

– Because hand, foot and mouth disease is transmitted through the gastrointestinal tract, when eating, it is necessary to practice good eating and drinking hygiene such as: Cooked food, boiled water, and eating utensils must be clean before use.

– In addition to providing a reasonable diet, mothers need to pay attention to washing hands and feet with soap regularly for children, Clean toys daily, as well as avoid letting your baby out in the wind to help them recover quickly.

Hopefully, the tips that Bach Khoa XANH provide will help some mothers in taking care of their children and families.