Vegetables are children’s favorite foods, however, if parents indulge without forcing their children to learn to eat vegetables, it will cause long-term consequences for the baby’s health. So, how to train children to have the habit of eating vegetables from a young age? This article will help parents answer that question.

firstLet your child eat vegetables with favorite dishes

Let your child eat vegetables with favorite dishes

One trick that many parents have done and succeeded is Use your baby’s favorite foods and serve them with vegetables.

For example, your baby’s favorite dish is beef, so try making a salad with lots of beef or a delicious plate of beef with a bowl of vegetables next to it, then alternate serving beef with beef. vegetables or eat 2 dishes at the same time so that the baby does not detect that he is eating vegetables, so he will be easily lured by his favorite food.

2Eye-catching shapes for dishes

Transform your baby's daily dishes with vegetables into familiar 'characters' in cartoons

Just like adults, children are easily attracted to dishes with eye-catching decorations or funny shapes.

Grasping that mentality, why don’t you try transform your baby’s daily dishes with vegetables into familiar ‘characters’ in cartoons that children often watch, so it will stimulate their children to eat vegetables more!

3Let me and my mother in the kitchen

Do not hesitate to let your child follow you to the kitchen to cook

When mothers go to the kitchen to prepare meals for the whole family, do not hesitate to let your children follow you into the kitchen to cook.

Give your child simple chores such as choosing vegetables, washing vegetables, peeling them and cooking them together with your mother and letting them taste them. Thus, it will create excitement when children make and taste the dishes that they have prepared.

4Make vegetable juices or smoothies

Squeeze vegetables with your baby's favorite fruits or make them into delicious smoothies

A simple but extremely effective way to ‘trick’ the taste buds of children that every parent should try is Squeeze vegetables with your baby’s favorite fruits or Turn vegetables into smoothies delicious.

You can blend kale with bananas, strawberries and milk to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie for your baby, or moms can add kiwi, avocado or mango to blend with spinach, which will also produce a delicious dish. delicious drink, full of calcium and fiber for children.

5Parents should have a comfortable mind

Be comfortable and gentle with your children, gradually convince them and constantly inspire them with eating vegetables

Parents’ psychology also plays a big part in the “fight” to help children eat vegetables more diligently.

Don’t give up and don’t be too strict with children, according to psychologists, the more you push them, the more afraid and disgusted children will be with eating vegetables, even that hatred of vegetables will increase. follow children to adulthood, so when they refuse to eat vegetables, be comfortable and gentle with them, gradually convince them and constantly inspire them to eat vegetables.

Here are some great tips to help parents succeed in getting their kids to enjoy eating vegetables more. Hope this article will be really helpful to you.

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