Recently, the model of growing vegetables at home is attracting a lot of people to practice safely, today I would like to share how to make simple black bean sprouts at home without chemicals.

Black bean sprouts are a group of sprouts made from black beans, which contain a lot of nutrients that are not available in the whole grain form. Not only do they have a cooling effect, but they are also very good for the skin, contain a lot of fiber, and lower blood cholesterol levels. In addition to how to make bean sprouts at home, you can also make very simple black bean sprouts, let’s do it together.


How to make black bean sprouts

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

Prepare materialsPrepare materials

Black beans, after buying, pick up flat, wormy or broken seeds while they are lightly crushed with water. Note to you is Damaged seeds should be carefully picked up to avoid affecting the intact seeds.

Next Soak black beans with warm water prepared for about 2-3 hours until seeds crack to stimulate bean germination.

While waiting for the time to soak the black beans, use scissors to cut each bamboo leaf, wash and dry. Next, use scissors Cut bamboo leaves into pieces about 50-60cm.

Step 2: Conduct pricing

After soaking the beans, check the beans, if the pods show signs of cracking, pour them into a basket and drain.

How to make black bean sprouts at home without chemicals

Then use the prepared plastic basket, Arrange the bamboo leaves in a tight layer on the bottom of the basket first and then pour 1/2 of the black beans in and spread evenly with your hands, continue one layer of leaves and one layer of beans until the beans are gone and cover a layer of leaves on top.

Next Use a bamboo stick prepared before to pin it down tightly to keep bean sprouts when sprouting will be fatter and keep the parking section from moving or spilling. Note that if you don’t have bamboo shoots, you also can use porcelain plate to compress.

How to make black bean sprouts at home without chemicals

Use a pot of water and put the basket of beans in and then soak until the water evenly absorbs the seeds and leaves inside about 5 minutes and drain.

Water 3-4 times/day and put the basket of seeds in a dark corner in a place that doesn’t let light in like in a cupboard, or you can also use a black plastic bag to cover it. They will stimulate germination to progress faster.

After one night, take it out and soak it in water for about 5 minutes drain, continue to repeat the above watering and soaking formula for 3 days.

Step 3: Harvest

How to make black bean sprouts at home without chemicals

Harvest black bean sprouts after 3 days. The layer of sprouts is evenly and fat can be easily taken out, cleaned, and then prepares recipes for many delicious and nutritious dishes for the family such as black bean sprouts stir-fried with beef, black bean sprouts salad with cucumber. ..

With just a few simple steps, you can harvest black bean sprouts after 3 days of making it yourself without looking to buy it in the market, right? Immediately write the recipe down in your cookbook. Good luck.

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