Wind ants enter your house to bite you, making you itchy and uncomfortable, so how to get rid of wind ants out now? Let’s see how to repel wind ants safely and effectively below!

Wind ants are very small ants, often nesting in dark, hidden corners of the house. They often crawl on food, crawl into bed, bite us, making us itchy and uncomfortable. So how to drive them away is a question that many people are interested in.

firstUse pepper

Wind ants hate pepper, so you just need to sprinkle some pepper at the foot of the table or bed or right at the place where the ants nest in the corner of the house to make them avoid it.

2Use chili powder, flour, cornstarch, salt

Sprinkle these powders around the foot of the bed or ant nest area, the ants will consider it a big obstacle and dare not pass, and then evacuate themselves immediately.

3Use chalk

Draw a line of chalk right in front of them, the carbonate – cement in the chalk will drive away the most stubborn ants immediately. After a few days, when the powder fades, you should re-paint the protein to increase the effect.

4Use vinegar

You make a mixture of vinegar and warm water in a jar, spray it on places where there are wind ants, about 30 minutes later the ants will crawl away on their own, because they are allergic to the smell of vinegar.

5Use essential oils

Essential oils such as clove, mint, cinnamon, lemongrass, … also work to repel wind ants. You use this essential oil to spray a little on the place where the ants are and they will leave quickly.

6Use kerosene

Kerosene has an unpleasant smell to us and even to wind ants, so this is also one of the most effective ways to repel wind ants. You just need to apply a little kerosene on the 4 legs of the bed, ants hate the smell of kerosene so they will not dare to crawl near you to bite you.

7Use orange and lemon peels

You use orange, tangerine, or lemon peels, grated or pounded into a paste and then applied to the places where the ants frequent, making sure they will not come back again.

8Use talcum powder

You spread a little talcum powder around the foot of the bed, windows and places where there are ants. The smell of talcum powder will cause these wind ants to leave quickly.

The above are very safe wind ant repellent tips that are extremely effective, you can refer to immediately to chase away the wind ant colonies that have made you uncomfortable over time. Good luck!