Dumplings are also known as Mandu – a traditional dish of the people of the land of kimchi. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy this cake, please refer to the taste of Bibigo – 100% Korean dumpling flavor.

Korean dumpling has a very beautiful yellow color, when you eat it, you will feel the crispy feeling from the crust, the layer of shrimp, meat, and herbs. If you are a foodie, you should not miss the delicious pancakes of this land of kimchi. Let’s follow a famous dumpling brand – Bibigo through the following article!

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firstCJ Group and Bibigo mandu cake

CJ Group and Bibigo mandu cake

Bibigo is a product of CJ CheilJedang Group – a leading culinary corporation, pioneering in the development of Korean culinary culture, bringing products to foreign markets. With the desire to globalize Korean flavors as well as share healthy and convenient lifestyles, CJ has constantly researched and developed to create Korean flavors but still match the local flavors that CJ offers. product arrives.

As a product of CJ CheilJedang Group, Bibigo brings in the quintessence of 5,000 years of kimchi’s culinary culture closer to modern life through delicious, round-tasting dishes that are equally nutritious. nursing. Bibigo is a harmonious combination between nature and people.

2Why is Bibigo dumpling the quintessence of Korean cuisine?

Why is Bibigo dumpling the quintessence of Korean cuisine?

The modern embodiment of royal dumplings, Bibigo Mandu is made in the shape of sea cucumber and gentle waves to represent the image of nature and the king’s treasure. Fresh pork, tofu, chives, and onions are ingredients that are processed with exclusive shredding technology to make the dish more delicious and easier to eat. The crust is soft, supple like silk when steamed, firm and crispy when fried thanks to the formula kneaded more than 3000 times for the best dough.

Both the crust and the filling are fully cooked, you don't need to prepare them again

Both the crust and the filling are fully cooked, you don’t need to prepare them again. It is this that has helped CJ CheilJedang’s dumpling create a different highlight compared to other types of thick-skinned dumpling, fascinates many foodies around the world with its top quality, The filling is extremely fresh, showing the essence of Korea.

Currently, Bibigo Mandu is the most popular and best-selling product in the US market.

3The flavors of Bibigo xếp

The flavors of Bibigo

With the desire to meet the diverse needs of Vietnamese consumers, Bibigo brings a series of dumpling products of various sizes and flavors. Bibigo currently has popular product lines in Vietnam such as: Meat Mandu, Meat and Corn Mandu, Seafood Mandu, Shrimp Mandu and Soup Mandu.. With the flavors that Bibigo offers, you can fully enjoy a diverse menu for a quick breakfast, a light snack, or a delicious evening appetizer.

If you love the crispy, fragrant and spicy kimchi, you definitely can’t ignore Bibigo Mandu kimchi with the cake from the best kimchi produced by Bibigo itself. With options such as: Bibigo Mandu mini, Bibigo Mandu with mini shrimp, and Bingo Mandu with pumpkin. In particular, Bibigo also has options for vegetarians such as: Bibigo filled with Edamame soybeans, mushrooms, carrots, onions, ..

If you have loved Korean movies, why not try to enjoy Korean cuisine. Now you don’t have to go far, Korean cuisine has been packaged and distributed completely in Vietnam.

Hopefully with the sharing about Bibigo Korean dumpling, you can rest assured to buy Bibigo to entertain the whole family without worrying about quality or health problems. Good luck to you and your family.