After a tiring day of work, dirty with dust, soaking in a hot tub always makes you much more comfortable. But for pregnant mothers, is it good to soak in a hot tub?

Is it good to soak in hot water during pregnancy?

Conventional hot tubs have a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius, so just soaking people in water for 10-20 minutes can increase body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius.

Job temperature rise during pregnancy is not good at all for the health of mothers and babies.

Studies have shown that a sudden increase in temperature during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.

In addition, a number of studies also demonstrate that a temperature rise above 38 degrees Celsius during pregnancy is extremely dangerous which can lead to birth defects in babies, affecting the baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Therefore, if you are pregnant, you should avoid soaking in hot water, this is really dangerous for mother and baby.

Soaking in hot water during pregnancy is not good

Notes to help limit the danger when soaking in a hot tub

If you still want to soak a little with hot water to relax your body, you can do the following methods to help limit the dangers.

+ Maintain the hot tub at a low temperature below 38 degrees Celsius. Frequent monitoring of water temperature with a thermometer and continuously adding hot and cold water alternately.

+ Only fully body soak for a short time of less than 10 minutes.

+ Avoid soaking when the body is feverish, has just exercised, or has just steamed.

+ Absolutely do not soak in hot water for the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Notes to help limit the danger when immersing in hot water

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If you use hot water for a long time, talk to your doctor to promptly remedy possible consequences.