Babies under one year old often have reflux, spitting up milk, which makes parents extremely worried. Many people think that, when the baby has reflux, spitting up milk, yogurt should be used. So should this or not? Let’s find the answer with Bach Hoa XANH.

Reflux, spitting up milk is due to physiology in babies

When children are young, especially under 1 year of age, when their digestive system is still very weak, the valves in the baby’s stomach are not working synchronously. So when suckling in, the baby will swallow the air into the stomach to cause fullness, then the mother puts the baby in a lying position, the baby will be easy to spit out the milk.

Reflux, spitting up milk is due to physiology in babiesReflux, spitting up milk is due to physiology in babies

Should yogurt be used to limit reflux and regurgitation in babies?

There are many opinions that babies with reflux and spit up milk should give them yogurt. However, there are also many opinions that this is not advisable, because if the baby eats yogurt, it will make the baby’s stomach weaker.

Reflux, spitting up milk is due to physiology in babies

To answer this question, we consulted with Master, Doctor Phan Bich Nga, who is currently the Director of the Center for Child Nutrition Examination and Counseling (National Institute of Nutrition). The doctor said that the phenomenon of reflux, spitting up milk is due to physiological problems in the baby, the use of yogurt does not cause any bad effects. In addition, yogurt itself also supports and helps the baby’s digestive system to work much better.

You should give your baby yogurt to help your baby's digestive system work better

Because yogurt is microbially fermented, these enzymes help the baby’s stomach stabilize and work better and also reduce vomiting a lot. So, if your baby has this condition, instead of forbidding your baby to eat, you should use yogurt instead of formula milk to limit the reflux of milk for your baby.

Ways to overcome reflux, spitting up milk in babies

To overcome this situation, mothers should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Keep your baby upright and quiet after feeding.

– Should feed the baby in small doses, eat often, should not force the baby to eat too much at one time.

– Let the baby sleep in a comfortable position, according to the baby’s preferences.

– Do not wear diapers, diapers for babies are too tight, so let them relax comfortably.

– Do not stir too thick baby formula, so balance the amount of water and milk so that it is reasonable.

Let your baby sleep in the right position

Taking care of a baby in the first few months is very difficult, especially for inexperienced parents who will be even more confused when they see their baby having reflux and spitting up milk. Don’t panic and panic, they are actually like our bodies when we eat too much or are full. You should give your baby yogurt in each meal, it will be very good for the digestive system. Wishing you the best of luck taking care of your baby!