In many cases, some adults use pre-existing broken-down medications to give to children, believing that simply reducing the dose will be safe and effective. How beneficial is this approach? Let’s check out the GREEN Bach Hoa…

Possibly Poisoning

According to DS. Hoang Thu ThuyIn young children, the liver and kidney functions are not yet complete, so they are very susceptible to poisoning, including drug poisoning.

– Drugs intended for adults are not used at all for children, including common cold and headache medicines such as Paradol or Paracetamol… Because although they are drugs, they can completely cause poisoning on young body.

– Even drugs for young children but not used at the right age are also at risk of poisoning, “drug shock”.

Children using the wrong medicine can be poisoned


Children taking medicine must be calculated exactly the dose based on age and weight (mg/kg).

Arbitrarily breaking the medicine for children to use will make the dosage used incorrectly and inappropriately, leading to:

– Insufficient dose: The drug does not have the desired effect.

– Overdose: Causing poisoning and in some cases can even endanger the life of children if not treated promptly.

Children can be at risk if they overdose

Breaking up or even crushing the medicine is actually a less effective way of taking it

Usually a pill will be created an outer layer (capsule, capsule, film-coated …) to help the drug easily pass through the stomach, down the intestine, dissolve and be absorbed here.

When the tablet is broken down, the outer layer of the drug is broken, it is broken down by gastric juice and dissolved in the stomach before reaching the intestine. This makes the drug less effective or less effective, because the stomach is not the place to absorb the medicine.

Drugs when broken down are likely to decrease in effectiveness

How to use medicine for children?

In fact, many drugs are made for use in young children (usually children under 1 year of age who cannot swallow raw drugs) into powder or syrup form, milk pills, ready-to-mix suspensions, etc. prescribed by a doctor and have a measuring device attached.

Medicines for children come in many forms, not necessarily pills and small limbs

For children over 1 year old and adults, the best way for the drug to work best is to swallow the tablet whole, not split it.

Especially remember, never arbitrarily use adult drugs for children, in all circumstances.

Some background information to help readers understand why adult medicines should not be given to children, even when divided into doses. Hopefully useful information will be spread, for the sake of children’s health.

Source: Health and Life Newspaper